Books for New Puppy Owners

1. The Joyous Havanese by Kathryn Braund (Phoebe’s breeder!) Probably only available online. You can Google it. A great all around guide to everything from the history of the breed to the steps of breeding to raising puppies. It then goes into the colors, the care of a puppy, grooming health issues and a little … [Read more…]

Everyone’s Healthy!

We got our physicals from Dr. John Wilson’s Veterinary Clinic yesterday. Very busy afternoon! Everyone passed with flying colors–great bites, no knee issues, no hernias and no heart murmurs. Here are the weights–quite a range! Katie–2 lbs, 4 oz.– SOLD!  Filer–1 lb., 13 oz. — SOLD!  Go Go–3 lbs, 4 oz.–SOLD! Maxie–3 lbs. 5 oz.–SOLD! … [Read more…]

Puppies Meet the Kids

What is the best way to raise puppies who greet strangers with kisses and wagging tails?  1. Pick a breed known to enjoy the company of humans (like the Havanese). 2. Socialize, socialize, socialize. Guess what we did Saturday? Liam is very gentle with Sammy  Luke and Filer with Mom Lesley Bill, Liam and Filer … [Read more…]