We Have Been Very Busy!

It has been a very busy household. Maxi’s puppies are growing by leaps and bounds. But, Maxi is holding her weight….eating like a horse….and producing gallons of milk. The puppies’ eyes are still closed but their noses are beginning to turn. The two chocolates will have dark brown noses and the others will have dark … [Read more…]

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

Here are Maxi’s pups front and center! Aren’t they gorgeous? Maxi is such a good mom. Puppies are all gaining nicely. When I weigh them, I take a few minutes to stroke their tummies and nuzzle their little faces so they can get accustomed to people smells and touches. At this stage they are both … [Read more…]

Time to Start Taking Temperatures

Taking Maxi’s temperature will help me know within 24 hours when she is actually going to whelp her little Havanese puppies.  She is due Saturday so I began Monday. I take her temps in the morning and the evening when she has rested a while…which is pretty much all the time right now! If she … [Read more…]