Moving On

Maxi’s puppies are moving on to their new families. I am so delighted with all the loving and nurturing homes that these kids are going to. And, all over the country! Florida, New York, California, Virginia and Michigan.

Seamus is the only one left and, in the meantime, he is getting very spoiled by his older playmates.

Emily and Seamus having a moment.

Seamus with Lily and Emily. Seamus fits right in!

The furkids.
Harry and Mary Ann
Harry’s new digs. I think he’s quite comfortable! By the way, his forever name is Handsome Harry!

A parting shot of my little Hermione…but we plan to have regular reunions in Florida!
Hermione’s new family. What a spoiled girl she will be. Her new name is Meisha (gift from god) Lucia (born at daylight…a family nickname I’m told!)

Lily loves Emily. Seamus just hanging! By the way, his family is keeping his name.

Seamus with Marli and Willow

A Havanese Huddle!

Maxi and Dinos Puppies at Seven Weeks

We are very busy with vet visits, playing, finishing paperwork, playing, pedicures, playing, eating, playing, sleeping, playing…you get the picture. And then, to top it all off, we have had tons of rain so playtime was indoors again today. We got to play in the basement which has a huge area where puppies can run and tussle and challenge Potter and Willow. And, no, we are not eating the freshly poured litter…we are playing with toys in the litter box because we love the fragrance of fresh pine.

The Results Are In

My daughter, Jenny, was wonderful in helping me with the Personality Assessments for Maxi’s puppies. As usual, we used a modification of the Volhard Personality Test for this.

Luna scored mostly 6’s. She is very affectionate, loves to cuddle, is quiet yet playful. She would love to be someone’s shadow, will need a regular routine and frequent assurance to build her confidence. Better with a home of adults though she will enjoy the company of chldren if they don’t overwhelm. She will be abut 11-12 pounds.

Padfoot mostly 4’s. Quite independent and rambunctious, he will be good with children or other dogs in the family. He is going to be a big boy, between 14 and 16 pounds. 

Seamus scored mostly 2’s. He’s confident and outgoing. Loves to play and will accept human leadership well especially with consistent training. Will be between. 12-13 pounds.

Like Seamus, Minerva scored mostly 2’s and, also like Seamus, she did cringe at the pot banging. Actually Seamus and Minerva scored identically though, personal observations indicate that  Seamus is a bit more outgoing.  She will also weigh between. 12 and 13 pounds.

Harry scored a lot like Luna with the exception of the Restraint Test where he scored a 3, struggling at first then settling down. Like Luna he is a playful pup and will be his owner’s shadow. To keep his confidence at its best, they both will need a structured and predictible lifestyle. Harry will likely be on the small side for a boy…more like 12 pounds or so.

Hermione scored mostly 3’s and 4’s. She is outgoing and friendly, should train easily and be good with children. She has a slight independence streak but should train easily and will welcome strangers as well as children. Hermoine will likely be a bigger girl. Maybe 13-14 pounds.

In comparing the pups and their responses to each “test” we found the following:

Social Attraction: Harry and Luna were not that interested in greeting my daughter. The other four came to her readily.

As for Following, again Harry and Luna were the reluctant ones while the others were more interested.

The Restraint Test indicates dominance. Luna was extremely relaxed while Minerva and Seamus struggled to get free. The other three struggled a bit then settled down.

The Dominance Test found Seamus as the most resistant as he jumped and pawed at the tester. Luna, on the other hand, was quiet as a mouse. The other four cuddled and tried to lick the tester’s hand.

All the pups scored 4 on the Elevation Test. None of them cared a whit about being suspended midair. Pretty laid back kids!

And, for the Sight Sensitivity Test (to measure intelligent responses to a strange object), all but Padfoot checked it out curiously. He, on the other hand, was more interested in checking out the rest of the kitchen!

Finally, with the exception of Padfoot none of the pups liked the loud sound.


Interpreting the Scores
  • Mostly 1’s: A puppy that consistently scores 1 in the temperament section is dominant and will attempt to resist human leadership. He may require an experienced trainer for obedience.
  • Mostly 2’s: This pup is dominant and self-assured; however he readily accepts human leadership that is firm, consistent and knowledgeable. This is not a dog for a tentative, indecisive individual. In the right hands, he has the potential to become a fine working or show dog and could fit into an adult household, provided the owners train consistently.
  • Mostly 3’s: This pup is outgoing and friendly and will adjust well in situations in which he receives regular training and exercise. He has a flexible temperament that adapts well to different types of environment, provided he is handled correctly. May be too much dog for a family with small children or an elderly couple who are sedentary.
  • Mostly 4’s: A pup that scores a majority of 4’s is an easily controlled, adaptable puppy whose slightly submissive nature will make him continually look to his master for leadership. This pup is easy to train, reliable with kids, and, though he lacks self-confidence, makes a high-quality family pet. His demeanor is often gentle and affectionate.
  • Mostly 5’s This is a pup that is submissive and lacking in self-confidence. He bonds very closely with his owner and requires regular companionship and encouragement to bring him out of himself. If handled incorrectly, this pup will grow up very shy and fearful. For this reason, he will do best in a predictable, structured lifestyle with owners who are patient and not overly demanding, such as an elderly couple.
  • Mostly 6’s A puppy that scores 6 consistently is independent. They will likely not be “shadows”. However,t because they are Havanese, they will still be wonderful and loyal pets. As adults, hey will do well if left alone for longer periods of ime though I never recommend this to be a regular routine.