Never Discount the First Week

While the puppies seem very tiny and preoccupied with eating and sleeping, a lot more is going on with them. Even at this very early age they are already bonding with their siblings, their mother and their humans. It is very important that the breeder spend a few moments with each puppy individually, stroking it, … [Read more…]

Sometimes It’s OK to Fool Mother Nature

Maxi’s fuller teats are towards her rump. I generally do not like to interfere with Mother Nature. But sometimes empathy gets the better of me. So, for instance, I do my darnedest to revive listless puppies. I warm them up, rub them vigorously with a terrycloth towel, and watch for any sign of life before … [Read more…]

Phoebe is Getting Fat!

Phoebe’s next litter is due next week. Last night we snuggled on the LazyBoy and I could feel the puppies squirming around in Phoebe’s belly. As often as I have felt puppies this way it is still exhilarating. Life inside life. We go tomorrow night to get an x-ray to see how many puppies she … [Read more…]