Some Havanese Puppy Updates

From time to time I’m fortunate enough to get photos of my fur babies. Here are just a few along with notes from their happy owners! Dear Jacqui We thought you would be interested in Sammy’s progression over the last couple of weeks.He has quickly adjusted to our house and has himself quite comfortable.Sadie our … [Read more…]

Puppies Are On Their Way!

We had a successful breeding between Maxi and Dino this past weekend. This will be their second litter together and the first litter was wonderful. All black and white parti and as sweet as can be. You can see photos of their puppies in my January postings. If you are curious, here is Maxi’s health … [Read more…]

This is Dillon

Dillon, one of Marli’s pups, has tested negative for furnishings which means she is a satin-coated Havanese. This means her coat will be shorter (easier to groom!) and flatter than a typical Havanese. It does not mean she will have any related health issues. You can see how Dillon assessed with the Volhard Personality Profile … [Read more…]

First Vet Visit

Marli’s puppies had their vet exams today and all got and A+! All of them are very close in size with Delilah weighing 2.4 pounds and both Daffy and Dillon weighing 2.2 pounds. Since they are almost 8 weeks old we can kind of predict their adult weights to within about a 15% degree of … [Read more…]

The Results Are In!

My friend Linda assisted me in assessing the temperaments/ personalities of Marli’s puppies and they are closer in most respects than I thought. All three have socialized nicely. It helps to have them exposed to lots of dogs at various ages as well as lots of different people and children. Dillon went first. Over the … [Read more…]