More Photos

Not much new to report except that the puppies are constantly playing…when they’re awake, that is!
They are bonding with their siblings now. This is such a critical time for them in terms of socialization.

Tomorrow they get their first immunizations and a health check with my veterinarian.  They will also get micro-chipped. Should be a busy morning as long as our power goes back on. We had quite the storm fly through our parts about an hour ago. If the power doesn’t return, I’m not sure how we will even get out of the garage tomorrow!

We had a nice romp in the back yard yesterday afternoon. Here are some photos.  I’ll put the videos on the next few posts.


Luna and Seamus in the back. Hermoine and Minerva in front. They love the geraniums because they can hide under the cascading branches!

Seamus taking a time out. He has a little crook in his tail which is a riot. We’ll see what Dr. Wilson says about it tomorrow. Once his coat grows out it won’t even be noticeable so I’m not sure I want to put him through anything painful to correct it.

Padfoot on alert!
Padfoot (front), Seamus and Hermione
Minerva on the right and Harry on the left.

Harry stalking something wonderful.

Maxi now loves to tear it up with her pups. They are almost completely weaned which makes her very happy!

Maxi and her pups in a tussle.
Here they are again.
Okay, so this isn’t one of Maxi’s pups…its Willow, one of Marli’s.

Seamus asking me to pick him up.

Willow and Minerva.

Here they are again having a great time.

Seamus sitting pretty for the camera.

Puppy Update

The puppies are like six giant jelly beans…the kind that have mixed colors. They are so fat and sassy I can’t seem to get anything done because I love to just sit and watch them play.

They started on solid (or rather, mushy) food Monday and have really taken to it. Maxi is beginning to wean them…only lets them nurse a couple times a day. They have teeth now so I’m sure it isn’t a pleasant experience for Mom.

I gave the pups their second pedicure today to also give Maxi some relief. Can’t believe how fast their little nails grow.

And, last night they had their first baths. I bathed them two at a time in a large plastic tub that fit inside my laundry sink. I would have posted photos but my assistant, Alex, was busy helping her teacher get her classroom ready for school. Egad! School already.

Anyway, I just took a wonderful video but it is still uploading. So, here are some stills of the puppies first day outside. Older puppies Potter and Willow loved playing with the puppies. The older dogs were in the pen too but preferred to watch from the steps.


Introducing the Harry Potter Litter

The puppies really, really want to eat Maxi’s food so I have it elevated on top of a toy pail to keep it out of reach. I guess I’ll start weaning them in the next few days. Maxi still has tons of milk and is actually a bit chunky so I know weaning isn’t critical and I like the pups to get as much benefit from their mother’s milk as is possible. That said, their little teeth are coming in as well so nursing can get a bit painful for Maxi. 
Here are new photos with the names we picked from the Harry Potter series:
This little chocolate parti is Padfoot who, I’ve learned, is actually a dog in the book!
This is Seamus who didn’t want me to take his photo at all!
Our sable and white girl is Luna
This is Hermoine
This is Harry
And, last but not least, this is Minerva

4 Week Old Havanese play…play…play

Today we took our first de-worming medication. All went well. We also got weighed and had our nails trimmed. No one objected to this foreign and sometimes uncomfortable experience.

This YouTube video is just to tide you over until tomorrow when I can post some individual photo updates. My step niece and nephew named the puppies based on a Harry Potter theme. Stay tuned!!!