Playing with the adult Havanese and Alex…So Much fun

I had my family here all last week which is my excuse for not posting! LOLAnyway, it certainly did not mean the pups were being ignored. Alex and Michael played with them every day. Here are some shots of Alex, Marli’s pups and all the other dogs playing in the yard. Enjoy!  Also, please forgive … [Read more…]

And Now We Have Names

Dillon has a slightly different coat than her sisters…flatter and less curly. And, she has her mama’s face. Here are some closeups of her. As for personality she is a bit less outgoing but loves to play. Puppy #2 we’ve named Daffodil…Daffy for short. She is a bit on the wilder side. Has some tan … [Read more…]

We Are Getting Bigger!

Sorry about not posting lately. I had an eye injury that makes it difficult to take photos. I’m hoping for more photos later this week but here are a few for now. The puppies are playing with each other now, puppy growling and making all kinds of other fun sounds. Love this stage! They are … [Read more…]