Havanese Puppies One Week Old

Marli’s three little girls are one week old today. She has been a great mom. Very relaxed and attentive. She has no issues with the other dogs being in the bedroom where she and the puppies are. Maxi and Phoebe had fits when the other dogs came around! Hard to get good photos of these … [Read more…]

Marli’s Puppies Have Arrived

Our little Marli whelped three girls on Thursday afternoon. They are all black and tan with white on their paws and chests. Very sweet coloring. They will likely begin to show some tan markings in a week or so. All are a good size (5-6 ounces) and are nursing well. This is Marli’s first litter … [Read more…]

Meet Little Havanese Puppy Ziggy

Ziggy is the last of our eight puppy’s from our New Year’s Eve litter. He is just 8 weeks old, has his first shots, has a stellar report from my vet and is a very cuddly puppy. Here are some photos of Ziggy.You can see the results of our Volhard Personality Assessment on an earlier … [Read more…]

Volhard Personality Testing Results

Yesterday my daughter helped me conduct our Puppy Personality Assessments. You need someone the puppies do not know in order to get an accurate read. If you are interested in the test itself, how it is conducted and what the results mean, you can find it in this blog at: http://www.havanesehaven.blogspot.com/2012/08/volhard-puppy-personality-profile.html. Each puppy is tested … [Read more…]

The Volhard Personality Testing

–> Volhard Puppy Personality Profile Test #1‚ĶSOCIAL ATTRACTION:Purpose: To determine degree of social attraction, confidence or dependence. Procedure:Place puppy in test area. From a few feet away the tester coaxes the pup to her/him by clapping hands gently and kneeling down. Tester must coax in a direction away from the point where it entered the … [Read more…]