Volhard Personality Testing Results

Yesterday my daughter helped me conduct our Puppy Personality Assessments. You need someone the puppies do not know in order to get an accurate read. If you are interested in the test itself, how it is conducted and what the results mean, you can find it in this blog at: http://www.havanesehaven.blogspot.com/2012/08/volhard-puppy-personality-profile.html. Each puppy is tested … [Read more…]

The Volhard Personality Testing

–> Volhard Puppy Personality Profile Test #1‚ĶSOCIAL ATTRACTION:Purpose: To determine degree of social attraction, confidence or dependence. Procedure:Place puppy in test area. From a few feet away the tester coaxes the pup to her/him by clapping hands gently and kneeling down. Tester must coax in a direction away from the point where it entered the … [Read more…]