We Are Getting Bigger!

Sorry about not posting lately. I had an eye injury that makes it difficult to take photos. I’m hoping for more photos later this week but here are a few for now. The puppies are playing with each other now, puppy growling and making all kinds of other fun sounds. Love this stage!

They are not as interested in mush kibble as Maxi’s litter. I think they are quite content with all the nice warm milk Marli is providing. With 8 pups, Maxi did not have as much milk to go around. Interesting!

Sweet as Sugar

I just love these puppies. Their coloring and markings are wonderful. Two keep getting more and more tan on their legs. Interesting. Here are some “selfies” we took yesterday. I’m uploading some videos too which should be ready later today.

Havanese Puppies Eyes are Opening!

One of Marli’s puppies has her eyes open now and a second is almost there. Here are three photos I took this morning.

Girl #1 has her eyes open! She, like her siblings, is moving around quite well in the whelping box. She is black and tan with white markings on her paws, her chin and her chest. The tan is showing up on her rump and her legs. She also appears to have some lightening on her eyebrows. At 13 days old she weighs 13.4 ounces. This puts her right on a par with Maxi’s pups at the same age.

Girl #2 still has her eyes completely closed. But she is a bit smaller than her sisters so this is no surprise. She, too, is moving around nicely. She is black with white markings…no tan in her coloring at this point. She weighs 11.4 ounces.

And, you can’t see it from this photo but girl #3 has slight openings in her eyes. She weighs 12.5 ounces, is moving around well and is black and tan with white markings.