News Flash!

Marli and Nash had three beautiful puppies on Tuesday, March 24. Right on her due date! Both she and her puppies are doing great. We have a black and tan girl, a red sable girl and a sable parti boy. More news to follow! On another note, all of Maxi’s puppies except for Sabol and … [Read more…]

Puppies are almost 10 weeks old!

Well I don’t have any photos of Myrtle or Maple because they have gone to their forever homes! But here are some updates on the others. First the boys…. This is Gumbo, who is still looking for a forever home. Isn’t he handsome? Gumbo has a delightful disposition, right in the middle temperament wise. He … [Read more…]

Maxi’s Puppies at 6 1/2 weeks

Potter is the puppies’ new best friend! He loves the attention and they love him!                                                                                                                                                                             

And Now we have names

Oh my how fun these puppies are! They sleep, play, sleep, eat, sleep, play, poo.This is the best! Now that I’m almost over the flu I have the time to photograph, edit and post their individual pix for you. Thank goodness for my household of family who were more than willing to help with the … [Read more…]