Havanese Puppies See the World!

Our puppies are 17 days old now and their eyes are pretty much open. No, they cannot focus yet but they can see shadows which has to be exciting. Even more exciting is that their little legs are getting strong enough that they can move about the whelping box very well. Here are some photos … [Read more…]

Havanese puppies – 10 days old

Here are some photos of our individual puppies. Their noses are mostly black now but their eyes are still closed. Next time I’ll use my camera. I’m not too happy with the quality of my phone photos. Puppy #2- A boy Puppy #1-A boy Puppy #3-A girl Puppy #4-A girl Puppy #5- A girl Puppy … [Read more…]

Our Havanese Puppies are getting bigger

Maxi is giving baths. This also stimulates the puppys’ bowels. Our Havanese puppies are one week old now and have almost doubled in size! I love their little pink paws and round bellies. Eyes are still closed…noses still pink. That will soon change! Everyone is gaining nicely. They like to sleep in a clump! Puppy … [Read more…]