Fern and Opie are Parents!

Our beautiful Fern whelped 5 healthy, plump  babies October 14! All are gaining well (they actually started at a healthy 7 ounce average!) and actively moving around the whelping box. We have one girl and four boys. The girl is the white one below with the tan and white boy.

My thanks to my friend, Kathy Ambler, for letting Opie to sire such beautiful kids. I know they will be gorgeous!

Puppies One Week Old

Fern’s puppies are one week old and have nearly doubled their birth weights!

And I have given them names on a Motown Theme.

The boy is Marvin for Marvin Gaye.

The girls are named after the Supremes:

Diana Ross

Mary Wilson

and Florence Ballard.

We are a very musical family and this is my second litter that has had a musical theme. Two years ago we had the Blues litter.

So here are some recent photos of the pups with their new names!

I’ll get some better photos in a few days!

This is Diana.

Marvin on top; Mary on bottom

This is Florence.

Right to left we have Marvin, Diana, Mary and Florence