Havanese Boy Puppy #1

I want to apologize for being remiss in my posts. We had a bit of a tragedy here last Saturday that has taken up a considerable amount of my time. Once the puppies’ eyes opened and they began moving around I noticed the chocolate boy puppy demonstrating some unusual behavior. I had always bottle fed him as he was unable to nurse sufficiently to gain weight; though the bottle proved not to be a problem and he did gain weight nicely. However, after a few days of observing his unusual behavior and spending extra time trying to help him to no avail,  I took him to my vet who immediately determined the pup had suffered a stroke either in the womb or during the trauma of birth.  He strongly recommended I put him down as he had permanent brain damage. Of course I was crushed but knew it was the humane thing to do.

Anyway we are back on track and the other eight puppies are doing great! I thought I’d devote a separate post to each puppy….mainly because I have a hard time keeping them straight myself.

So here is puppy #1, a little boy. Keep going back in the posts to see the other seven!

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Havanese Boy Puppy #2

If you look closely, you might appreciate that, on my former post, puppy #1 and puppy #2, as pictured originally, are actually the same puppy. So, I have now edited my post, and removed the erroneous photos, to reflect the real puppy #2. He is, by all marks, a sweetie. I hope he forgives me for this oversight!!!