Havanese Puppies are Arriving

Phoebe went into labor about 7 pm tonight. She delivered her first puppy at 9:31. I was a little worried….that’s a bit of a stretch. Then I learned why. Little puppy girl #1 weighs 240 grams. That’s one very large puppy! Second puppy came on her heels weighing in at 164 grams. Another girl! A … [Read more…]

Here We Go Again!

We have very exciting news. Phoebe is pregnant. The lucky father is my friend, Denise Gregg’s Dino. Dino is not just an AKC champion but a Grand Champion. Better yet, he is a real sweetheart! His photo is on top, Phoebe’s on the bottom.  My best guestimate is that Phoebe is on day Here is … [Read more…]

Household Chemicals and Your Pets

I created this blog for several reasons. One was to keep track of my puppy families. But another is to offer up information I hope will be helpful, not just to my families, but to all pet owners. This week I’m doing some research into items commonly used inside and outside our homes with regard … [Read more…]

Update on My Own Havanese Family

Here are some photos I took the other day of the five Havanese in my life.  Maxi’s puppy, Digger, (formerly Burst) lives with my daughter on the weekends and with me during the week so he doesn’t have to be cooped up while she’s at work. Lily is the girl I bought from Kathy Ambler. … [Read more…]

Update on Georgie, Now Brutus

Jacqui, don’t know if you remember the day I picked up Brutus (Georgie) you were going through the folder of information with me and Brutus was barking at his reflection in your refridgerator. Well he still likes trying to get at his reflection. I get such a kick out of him trying to get to … [Read more…]