Margo Needs A Home

Due to some very unfortunate circumstances, little Margo needs a new home. She is out of my Marli/Ruger litter that whelped February 27, 2014. So she is 2 years old. Margo has a very sweet disposition and is currently on day 2 of trying to adjust to my pack. She is timid (who wouldn’t be, thrust into a home with so many other dogs!) but is improving steadily on that front.

Margo is used to living with a mom, dad and 3 and 5 year old little girls. She is housebroken and is on the small side…about 9 pounds. She will sleep in a crate or on your bed. As you can see, she is mostly black with white paws and a white chest. Very pretty! She is current on all her shots and is spayed. She is AKC registered and microchipped.

If you think Margo would fit into your life, please fill out the questionnaire on my website and we can go from there.


We Are Growing Up so Fast!! Pics of Maxi’s Pups


This is Muddy at 5 1/2 weeks. Adorable with his Mama’s eyebrows and a white tip on his tail.




Muddy2 Muddy1









Eric 2

This is Eric. Clearly he has claimed this blue bunny as his own! Love his markings!




Eric 3




















Stevie Ray is a lover. No question about it! He looks at me with those big brown eyes and how can I resist picking him up? He has a distinct white patch in the middle of his back and a sweet black patch on his white tummy.

Stevie3 Stevie2



Jimi is a real sweetheart. I love how half his forehead is white and the other half black! A very huggable furball!

jimi2 jimi



This is Billie, as in Holiday. You can see she loves her toys! Actually they all do but I needed to distinguish her from Tina…you can see why! I’ll try to do a better job of catching her eyes the next time!

Billie2 Billie1



This is Tina. A bit overexposed but I wanted to show the cute grey rings around her eyes…almost a reversed raccoon look! See…she has the blue toy but was more interested in getting on my lap!

Tina 1 tina3


This is Janis. She started out a big girl… bigger even than the boys. But the others are catching up to her. She has a lot of white and really loves to cuddle!


Etta 3

And last, but certainly not least, is Etta.

Etta1 Etta


Big Day Today

Today was a big day. I introduced the puppies to what I call kibble mush. It is the same dry dog food that my adults get but it is soaked in water and then mushed up like potatoes. It is about this time that the puppies show an interest in their momma’s food. When that happens I know they will take to the mush. And, they LOVED it.   They will get this 3 times a day now. And, in about 2 weeks they will no longer get their mother’s milk. They are scheduled for their second nail trim later today and I hope the weather warms up enough so they can go outside and play on the grass!!


Maxi’s pups with their first meal of soggy kibble.


Lily’s pups eating their moistened kibble.


I Learn Something (or a lot of things!) New Every Day

“The time in every puppy’s life, from 3 to 16 weeks, is often referred to as “the
sensitive period.” The things that breeders and new puppy owners do, or do
not do, are important and have the power to greatly influence the kind of dogs
their puppies will become. During this time you literally have the ability to grow
your pup’s brain in size and complexity, making your pup smarter, healthier and
more confident.
As a breeder you will have your pups during much of their sensitive period.  Whether
you sell your puppies to buyers who plan to do search and rescue, agility, tracking,
service work, therapy work, hunting, herding or simply bring joy to a family,
you can increase their success by integrating the list below into your puppy-rearing
program and encouraging your puppy buyers to continue once they bring their
pups home.”
This quote is taken from a wonderful resource I discovered the other day. I was looking online for ideas
for making a puppy’s play more fun and discovered “The Adventure Box” pictured at left.

Doesn’t this make you just want to jump inside and play?

Then I discovered the entire website called

Avid Dog at
It is the creation of some California dog trainers that share the same breeding and training philosophies as I do…starting, of course, with the puppy stage.
They have an e-book that I would encourage all puppy owners to download. It’s FREE!! It’s called “97 Ways To Create Great Puppies”. I am so overwhelmingly impressed with it that I want to spend each post talking about them. Here are the first six ways with my notes:

1. Supplement your dam with Omega 3 fatty acids for increased trainability in her pups.

Note: Our moms alternate between Salmon Oil and Coconut Oil. They LOVE both!
2. Give puppy kisses each day.
Note: OMG! Who could miss out on this one?
3. Supplement your dam with probiotics for stronger immune systems in her puppies.
Note: This is new for me but I’m convinced it is a worthwhile supplement. Ordered some today!
4. Run your fingers down the puppies’ tails from base to tip.
Note: I think the kisses are their favorite but this is a close second!
5. Keep mom’s stress low to increase milk production and mothering.
Note: Sometimes, with all the activity in our house, this is a challenge but it is a huge priority for me!
          I think we do pretty well here.
6. Keep room temperature so the pups aren’t crying and their mom wants to be with them.
Note: Never an issue here!
Before I conclude, let me say I am on my way to creating my own Adventure Box!!!  I have found a bunch of fun toys at the dollar section of our local Target store. Metal toy buckets, mini tennis balls, bright ABC’s and some cool plastic bowls and lids. I’m on the lookout for more. And, I’ve also ordered some stains for my PVC piping in bright blue and bright pink…because the white is ugly and boring!

Mighty Quiet Around Here!

Well, all but one puppy have left for their forever homes. I have to say they are all very fortunate to have found such happy, healthy and loving families!

Here are some photos and a note from one of them who adopted a puppy from Lily’s litter…..

…Now Pippa, she is little girl #3 with the pink collar. 
Love abounds!

Hi Jacqui,

Pippa had a great visit with our vet today. She was very healthy and was a hit at the office.

Attached are a few photos of Pippa that we thought you would enjoy!

Pippa has already brought so much joy into our home, and we are excited to have her meet our neighbors and the rest of our family.

-Dave, Patsy, Kaitlin & Margaret

Here is another from the family who adopted one of Marli’s pups.
Puppy #3 is now Tiller!

Hi Jacqui,

Tiller is fantastic!  What a doll.  He did great at the airports, seemed excited by the adventure.  Got to fly First Class on his first flight. (Spoiled already.)  Put him underneath the seat, he didn’t make a peep the whole time.  Kinda like he shrugged his little shoulders, said “Yeah, ok” curled up and went to sleep.  Natural flier!

Slept well last night, too, in his airline carrier on my bed.  Just one potty break at about 5am.

Tiller’s adapting well to his puppy playroom.  He occasionally voices his displeasure at being trapped by a baby gate, but seems to understand “quiet” and “shush.”  He settles down so quickly, I’m amazed.  He’s also a great self-soother.  He seems pretty content to play with his toys and scan for baby gate weaknesses to exploit.  (He is obviously intelligent and already responds to his name:) I swapped his litterbox and crate positions today.  A little while later, caught him dragging his placemat/water bowl across the room.  Guess he wanted in on the renovation!  When he’s quiet, I take him out every hour to snuggle/play.  He’s so snuggly, soft, sweet, and tiny!  We are bonding well. 

He’s using his litterbox (yay!).  Peed once on a towel last night (easy mistake) and once on floor today (excited maybe?).  Got a little poo on floor today, but only because his stool is soft- he did use his box.  I’ll mention it to vet tomorrow, but presume it’s the food change.  Not concerned at all. 

Went to a few stores today. Socialization opportunities abound with a puppy this cute. Everyone wants to meet Tiller!  He did great.

My seating is such that I can see Tiller in his puppy room and vice versa.  He was sleeping for awhile.  A few minutes ago, I looked over and he was just sitting quietly looking at me, patiently awaiting my attention.  Seriously impressed with this puppy!  So now he’s smothering me with kisses!!  Good time to sign off.

Thank you, Jacqui, for a wonderful pup!  Keep in touch.