At the Vet

This is Cinnamon. She’s going to live in Michigan.

This is Boston. He’s going to live 2 hours north of us in Florida.

Puppies took a field trip Friday to my vet. They were microchipped, got their first immunization for DHPP. They were thoroughly checked over, had a fecal exam,  got the bordetalla vaccine and dewormer. Everyone passed with flying colors! But they were exhausted when they returned home. Here are some pix.

This is Mattie. She’s going to stay with me for a while.

This is Foxy. She’s going to live in Michigan.

The vet techs loved the puppies! What’s not to love?

This is Twist. He’s going to live in Chicago.

At the vet. Check out Boston on the far right getting ready for a sneak attack!





4 Weeks Old


The puppies are playing so well with each other! Fun to watch them pull and tug on each other. Here are some updated photos.

This is Mary, as in Mary Wilson of The Supremes. She weighs 1 # 12 oz.

This is Mary again. Love the colors on all these pups!



Florence weighs 1# 9 oz.

This is Marvin. Right now he’s the smallest, at 1# 6 oz., but this will likely change.

Marvin as in Marvin Gaye…another Motown superstar!

And Diana (as in Ross) who weighs 1#, 13 oz…just beating out her sister by 1 ounce.