At the Vet

This is Cinnamon. She’s going to live in Michigan.

This is Boston. He’s going to live 2 hours north of us in Florida.

Puppies took a field trip Friday to my vet. They were microchipped, got their first immunization for DHPP. They were thoroughly checked over, had a fecal exam,  got the bordetalla vaccine and dewormer. Everyone passed with flying colors! But they were exhausted when they returned home. Here are some pix.

This is Mattie. She’s going to stay with me for a while.

This is Foxy. She’s going to live in Michigan.

The vet techs loved the puppies! What’s not to love?

This is Twist. He’s going to live in Chicago.

At the vet. Check out Boston on the far right getting ready for a sneak attack!





We Are Growing Up so Fast!! Pics of Maxi’s Pups


This is Muddy at 5 1/2 weeks. Adorable with his Mama’s eyebrows and a white tip on his tail.




Muddy2 Muddy1









Eric 2

This is Eric. Clearly he has claimed this blue bunny as his own! Love his markings!




Eric 3




















Stevie Ray is a lover. No question about it! He looks at me with those big brown eyes and how can I resist picking him up? He has a distinct white patch in the middle of his back and a sweet black patch on his white tummy.

Stevie3 Stevie2



Jimi is a real sweetheart. I love how half his forehead is white and the other half black! A very huggable furball!

jimi2 jimi



This is Billie, as in Holiday. You can see she loves her toys! Actually they all do but I needed to distinguish her from Tina…you can see why! I’ll try to do a better job of catching her eyes the next time!

Billie2 Billie1



This is Tina. A bit overexposed but I wanted to show the cute grey rings around her eyes…almost a reversed raccoon look! See…she has the blue toy but was more interested in getting on my lap!

Tina 1 tina3


This is Janis. She started out a big girl… bigger even than the boys. But the others are catching up to her. She has a lot of white and really loves to cuddle!


Etta 3

And last, but certainly not least, is Etta.

Etta1 Etta


Do Havanese Like Children? A Video

You betcha!!!

It is alsmost as if a child is another puppy, these Havanese are so smitten. And gentle.

Now, as young puppies…under one year…like all puppies, Havanese are exuberant. And in this state, their sharp little teeth might find the wrong “toy.” For that reason always, always supervise your puppy/toddler play. Once a puppy reaches a year, it will be different…for the puppy that is. Still, toddlers can also display inappropriate play (pulling an ear or a tail or a fistful of fur) and must be supervised until 5 years old or so.