Attacking the Fox

Puppies will be 8 weeks old this weekend! They are growing so fast!!

Here is a video I took yesterday of them attacking an unstuffed fox. I like these toys because there is no stuffing to rip out and accidentally ingest.

If you look closely you can see the fox under the pile of puppies!


Now We Have Names

So difficult to put names on puppies. This time I took clues from the parents.

Puppies from Fern’s litter with Marco.

Girl: Cinnamon (as in cinnamon fern…a play on her mother’s name) has the darker sable and patch on her back.

Boy: Boston (also a fern!) has the paler sable just around her face.


Puppies from Tango’s litter with Tiger all have dance names!

The boy is Twist and is all white. The girl in this video is Foxy (as in the Fox Trot and is a dark sable and white).

The last video is of Cha-Cha and she is the smallest one. And Mattie for “Waltzing Matilda”.