I Learn Something (or a lot of things!) New Every Day

“The time in every puppy’s life, from 3 to 16 weeks, is often referred to as “the
sensitive period.” The things that breeders and new puppy owners do, or do
not do, are important and have the power to greatly influence the kind of dogs
their puppies will become. During this time you literally have the ability to grow
your pup’s brain in size and complexity, making your pup smarter, healthier and
more confident.
As a breeder you will have your pups during much of their sensitive period.  Whether
you sell your puppies to buyers who plan to do search and rescue, agility, tracking,
service work, therapy work, hunting, herding or simply bring joy to a family,
you can increase their success by integrating the list below into your puppy-rearing
program and encouraging your puppy buyers to continue once they bring their
pups home.”
This quote is taken from a wonderful resource I discovered the other day. I was looking online for ideas
for making a puppy’s play more fun and discovered “The Adventure Box” pictured at left.

Doesn’t this make you just want to jump inside and play?

Then I discovered the entire website called

Avid Dog at http://www.avidog.com/
It is the creation of some California dog trainers that share the same breeding and training philosophies as I do…starting, of course, with the puppy stage.
They have an e-book that I would encourage all puppy owners to download. It’s FREE!! It’s called “97 Ways To Create Great Puppies”. I am so overwhelmingly impressed with it that I want to spend each post talking about them. Here are the first six ways with my notes:

1. Supplement your dam with Omega 3 fatty acids for increased trainability in her pups.

Note: Our moms alternate between Salmon Oil and Coconut Oil. They LOVE both!
2. Give puppy kisses each day.
Note: OMG! Who could miss out on this one?
3. Supplement your dam with probiotics for stronger immune systems in her puppies.
Note: This is new for me but I’m convinced it is a worthwhile supplement. Ordered some today!
4. Run your fingers down the puppies’ tails from base to tip.
Note: I think the kisses are their favorite but this is a close second!
5. Keep mom’s stress low to increase milk production and mothering.
Note: Sometimes, with all the activity in our house, this is a challenge but it is a huge priority for me!
          I think we do pretty well here.
6. Keep room temperature so the pups aren’t crying and their mom wants to be with them.
Note: Never an issue here!
Before I conclude, let me say I am on my way to creating my own Adventure Box!!!  I have found a bunch of fun toys at the dollar section of our local Target store. Metal toy buckets, mini tennis balls, bright ABC’s and some cool plastic bowls and lids. I’m on the lookout for more. And, I’ve also ordered some stains for my PVC piping in bright blue and bright pink…because the white is ugly and boring!

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  1. Linda Wollam

    It is wonderful how you share what you have learned too! These little dogs are so smart; stimulating them is important.

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