Fern had her last litter May 20 and once her hormones are back in balance I plan to have her spayed.
While I would really love to keep Fern, I know in my heart this is the best thing for her and for my breeding program. I have limited space, resources and time. Sadly I would never be able to give her the attention she deserves.
Fern turned 4 in April, is an AKC Champion and has been a great mother to all her babies. She is a smart and active dog, loves to play and really enjoys sitting on my lap. She is accustomed to my 5 year old grandson as well as other children. And Fern is a good traveller both by car and under the seat of the airplane. Fern is accustomed to using a pad to potty indoors and also uses the doggy door I have in my dog room that leads to our fenced in area outside. Because she has free access to the outside, she is not accustomed to “telling” me when she wants to potty.
Fern does have a bit of separation anxiety. So I am looking for a home where she will get lots of love and attention. Fern will be current on her shots, will be spayed and will have a complete physical by my vet. She has been a very healthy dog all along and has passed all the health testing recommended by the Havanese Club of America.  I do not foresee any health issues with her. That is the nice thing about getting an adult dog. You pretty much know about any genetic health issues.
I had promised Fern to a friend of mine whose husband passed away last year. But she is having some health complications and cannot take a dog at this time. The best situations for Fern would be with a retired couple or a family with older children where attention is not directed towards little ones that also need it.
If you might be interested in learning more about Fern, can you please fill out the questionnaire on my website. And, if it looks like we have a fit you are, of course, welcome to come meet her.