Jacqueline Carney of Carneys Havanese Haven, Purebred Havanese PuppiesMy name is Jacqueline Carney. I began breeding dogs in Michigan in 2002. I started with English   Shepherd dogs and, five years later, downsized to a non-shedding, smaller and friendlier breed….Havanese!

I now breed only Havanese dogs in both my Michigan and my Florida homes.

Carneys Havanese Haven, Purebred Havanese Puppies

For six months of the year my husband and I live in a beautiful neighborhood outside Detroit. It is where I was born and it is a wonderful place to raise children (our 3 daughters, now grown!) and dogs. We live withing walking distance of a delightful pond and a bustling downtown area with a large city park where I try to walk my dogs every day.

The mission of Carneys Havanese is to maintain the charming personality and delightful conformation of the Havanese while focusing on good health through extensive testing.

Carneys Havanese Haven is a boutique kennel in southeast Michigan. In 2007, after 35 years owning my own florist company, I retired. Breeding is the hobby that immediately picked me!

My dogs live and sleep with us in our home. They enjoy lots of romping in a room just off my kitchen that is dedicated to them and their antics. I feed them grain-free, chicken-free high quality, USA made kibble. Occasionally I will give them an egg. And, they also enjoy an occassional femur bone or elk antler to chew.

About Carneys Havanese Haven

Carneys Havanese puppies are Michigan or Florida bred from AKC champion bloodlines, both parents having passed all health tests and have received their prestigious CHIC health rating. We always breed for show quality but welcome pet homes as well.

I will not breed my Havanese before they have been health tested for hearing (BAER test) as well as for healthy eyes (CERF), and heart, hips and elbows.

Bonita Springs, Florida, Carneys Havanese Haven, Purebred Havanese Puppies

Bonita Springs, Florida

Retaining the quality of our Havanese breed is important to me. To this end I show my dogs in AKC certified conformation  events.  This helps assure that I am breeding  to the Havanese standard as published by AKC.  (See my “About Havanese” Page)

I believe my efforts should not be totally self-serving. To this end I also serve the Havanese community. 2010 I applied to join and was accepted into the prestigious Havanese Club of America. I am treasurer of our local breed club, the Great Lakes Havanese Club. And I am an active member of AKC (American Kennel Club).

Bonita Springs, Florida, Carneys Havanese Haven, Purebred Havanese Puppies

Bonita Springs, Florida

I fall in love with every puppy I breed, so I am extremely cautious about which homes they go to. All families must complete a Buyer’s Application Questionnaire. Prospective families should also know I will not ship my puppies as cargo on airplanes. However, I will work with you to arrange transportation inside the plane’s cabin or in a car.

We have many testimonials on this site from people who bought Havanese puppies from previous litters. And I have many happy families who are more than willing to offer references. If you want some names, I will provide them for you.