As a breeder I think the most difficult time is not when a family is upset with me because I don’t think my puppy is a good fit.

It is not when one of my fur children get sick.

It is not when I lose a puppy during the whelping process.

Though all these moments are very, very difficult, the most painful time is when I have to place one of my adult dogs that have lived with me for 2, 3 or 4 years…that may have starred in the show ring…that have wrapped themselves around my heart…that may have produced beautiful puppies…that have become an integral part of my family.

Well bred and well cared for Havanese can live a very long time…15, 17 even 20 years.

For the younger ones that I place, the reason is often that some trait has revealed itself that is not good for adding to future generations. A minor structure issue. A health issue that, while resolved, might not be the best to pass on to future generations. Or something as simple as incomplete pigment.

And, for the older ones, once they have finished with the show ring and have finished making babies, they take a back seat in the pack. Not a bad seat, mind you. At least not my dogs. But I can no longer offer them the attention they deserve.

So if I can find the perfect family for them. The family that will love on them every day. That will daily take them for walks, play with their toys, maybe teach them new tricks (or not!), cuddle with them on the sofa…I make the decision that is right for them.

These wonderful dogs are fully health tested if appropriate and are current on all their vaccines.

They are trained to use a pee pad or potty outdoors (tho they may not be trained to indicate these needs).

They will have been neutered if the appropriate age.

They are usually beyond the phase when puppy-ness is part of their play…chewing, nipping, etc.

They are trained to walk on a leash and enjoy the company of other people and dogs.

And, most of the surprises that are inherent in adopting a new puppy have already been discovered. Their temperaments. Their likes, dislikes, good habits, bad habits, health issues, etc. So I can place them with a family knowing it will be as perfect a fit as I can arrange.

These dogs will make wonderful companions for their new families! As for price, these dogs are the same price as my puppies but come with all the aforementioned advantages!

If you are interested in getting on my wait list for an adult Havanese, please send me an email at

Editors note: Emerson is available to the perfect home. Female. Just turned 1.