Puppies are Coming!

We are very excited about the late March arrival of two litters of puppies. (They always seem to come in batches!) We bred Tango to a very handsome boy named Woody who is also red and white but has way more red than Tango. And we bred Luna to Nelson who we have used in the past and had wonderful results (3 champions!)

This is Woody, GCH Nirvana Sardi You Had Me From Hello

This is Nelson, GCH CH Heartland’s Equality for All.

This is Tango, GCH CH Los Perritos Dancing in Carneys Garden. She is with her handler, Christy Collins, the day she won her championship.     Tango went on to win her Grand Championship just 6 weeks later!


This is Luna. CGH CH Carney’s Luminescent Moonflower, and me!

Meri’s Pups are 5 1/2 weeks old….

…..and they are having so much fun! This past week I put them together with my two 8 week old puppies, Lyric and Peto. After a day of full supervision and seeing how gentle the older ones were, I knew it would be a permanent arrangement!


So here are some individual pix of Meri’s pups. Because my 3 year old grandson is infatuated with Sesame Street, guess where the names came from!


This is Zoe.






Meri’s Pups Turned 3 Weeks on Thursday!

Boy #1. His nose is already almost fully pigmented. Eyes wide open!

All four pups….pudgy as all get out!

Boy #2

Boy #2. I will work on names this week now that they are moving around!

Girl #1. Love her face! Nose is almost all filled in.

Girl #2. Interesting coloring….So sweet!