New pix and a Video!

Ben loves to play with our puppies! So great for them all!

These kids mastered the balance board in two days! Now they line up for their turn!

Today’s video:

Click here to download the video.

Please let me know if this video doesn’t post properly!

And sorry about the background conversation! Jen was helping me put together the puppy’s new play set.

Note the new pen and the addition of litter boxes. It will take a couple days but they will start using them almost immediately!

One of their fav toys is my empty Metamucil bottle! LOL

First Meal!

Puppies loving their first meal of kibble mush! I think they approve!!

(Ed. note: It looks like I am having technical difficulties with this video. And it is sooooo cute. I will keep trying. I think if you click on it, it will download for you.)