Photo Collage

Finally had a spare minute to edit some photos:

6 year old grandson Ben giving pups their first solid meal.

The Milk Bar

A gaggle of puppies! My how they have grown. Top puppy is Patsy, 1 o’clock is Johnny, across the middle is Jimmie, at the bottom is Hank and at 9 o’clock is Tammy.

Cute puppy butts.

Ben with Patsy, Tammy and Hank

Tammy and Patsy like to hang together.

And the boys … Jimmie, Johnny and Hank on the bottom.


Our Havanese Babies are 3 Weeks Old

I took a gazillion photos of the puppies today! They are 3 weeks old and so many changes are happening. Their eyes are fully open (though it will take about 4 more weeks to fully focus), their ears are also open now. The their little legs are beginning to support their body weight so they are moving around.

My grandson helped me build a big play area which I will get a video of later.

And once I have time to edit the 100 or so photos I took I will post them as well.

For now….enjoy!

Tango and Tiger’s pups are 2 weeks old

Tango’s puppies turned 2 weeks old yesterday. This is their first time out of their whelping box. Their little eyes are almost completely open. Mama Tango is keeping them clean…a process that also stimulates them to potty as they have no control over their bladders yet.

Once they are 3 weeks old we will begin their Puppy Culture “training” which isn’t really training but a method for enhancing their natural tendencies.


It is hard to believe that our Country Legends litter is already 2 weeks old! Click here to watch the video.


Here are some close ups. Check out their eyes!

Patsy is beginning to get some darker spots. You can see the one on the top of her head. She is the largest pup…at least for now.

It is tricky to get still photos of these wiggle worms. This one of Tammy is a bit blurry but you can still see that her eyes are open.

Eating and Sleeping…That’s What They Do!!

Here they are lined up at the “milk bar”.!

And now they sleep.








So we are calling them the Country Legends litter because, in between these pups’ arrivals last Friday night,  I watched the PBS special on the history of Country Music. Great show, by the way.

So on the top right photo we have  Hank (Williams) at 2 o’clock. At 3 o’clock we have Patsy (Cline). At 7 o’clock we have Tammy (Wynette). At 9 o’clock we have Johnny (Cash) and at 11 o’clock we have Jimmie (Rogers).

Just wanted you to see how their little noses, at 1 week, are already darkening!


Some Individual Photos of our Country Legends.

The puppies are 3 days old and gaining well. Their numbers are their birth order. Names to follow soon. We are calling them our Country Legends Litter.


Puppy #5, Hank (Williams),  is a boy. He is also a dark sable parti.

Puppy #1, AKA Patsy (Cline),  is a red sable girl.

Puppy #3, AKA Tammy (Wynette), is a girl. She was born very white but we are seeing some patches of cream working their way in.

Puppy #4, Jimmie (Rogers), is a dark sable with lots of white. Also called a sable parti.

Puppy #2, Johnny (Cash), is a dark sable pied which means he has more color than white. He is a boy.