Meet The Incredibles!

It has been a productive week at Carneys Havanese Haven. Puppies are growing like crazy and, better yet, their eyes are beginning to open! And even better than that….they have names!!

Here are their 2-week birthday photos with names and weights!


This is Helen…AKA Elastigirl! She weighs 1#.06 ounces. Her eyes are still closed. She was the second puppy born and, of course, like Helen she is very special as the only girl in the family.

This is Bob, AKA Mr. Incredible. At this point he is the biggest puppy. Actually, he’s been the biggest puppy since day 1. He was born first and he weighs 1# 8.2 ounces!












This is Lucius, AKA Frozone! His eyes are wide open and he is a very active puppy! He weighs 1# .9 ounces. He came third!

This is Dash. His eyes were the first to open but he isn’t the biggest by any stretch. He weighs 1# 3.6. He is the darkest of the bunch.









And this is JackJack. Love his coloring! His nose is the first to start turning black and, as you can see…he can see!! Jack Jack weighs 1# 5.2 ounces. He was the last to be born. In fact, he took his sweet time arriving…five hours after Bob was born!

Boy Available

NEWS FLASH…Rain has a home!

Maggie’s puppies are 8 weeks old today and some are beginning to enter into their new stage in life…that of making families very happy and whole.

One of our buyers decided to wait a while before getting a puppy so we have a boy, Rain, available. ¬†Rain is on the small side…will likely end up about 8-10 pounds. Because he is small I am hoping for a family of adults or a family with older children that can appreciate how important it is to be careful around small puppies. He is very sweet and confident. Plays well with the other dogs and greets strangers with his tail up! If you think you’d like to meet Rain, please fill out the questionnaire on this website. It’s on the “Forms” page.

Lily Has Puppies!!

Lily whelped 8 beautiful puppies October 11. Six boys and two girls.

I’m sorry for the delayed posting but I had a hip replacement September 29 so we have been very busy!!!

Anyway, mom and puppies are doing well. You can see more about the parents on my “New Litters” page.

Meanwhile, here are some photos.

Lily's puppies at 1 week old

Lily’s puppies at 1 week old

The whole gang at 10 days.

The whole gang at 10 days.