Meet Our Rainy Season Litter!

This is Lightening!

Born in Florida on June 1, we decided to give these kids ‘Rainy Season’ names.








This is Storm. So far, she is the biggest! But that can change!



A few of the pups have ‘eyebrows’ which I love! This is Rainbow.

Noses are beginning to turn black.

This is Puddles!



Have you noticed some have colored velcro collars? That’s so I can tell them apart.


This is Rain with the little white patch on her fanny. And eyebrows!

This is Thunder. Our only boy.



And last, but not least, Drizzle.


A Lot Has Happened!

It has been over two weeks. A few things took precedence…including a 3 day stay in the hospital for me!! I am fine and happy to be on the bright side of this earth. And I am so thankful for my family for taking such good care of the babies!!

Here are a couple videos for starters. The first one is one of their first meals of kibble mush.

And this one is the puppies playing with Fozzie Bear, my 3 month old. He is sooooooo happy to have friends who will actually romp with him!

And now for a Puppy Culture session with packaging!