Puppies Coming!

Luna (GCH CH Carneys Luminescent Moonflower) and Tiger (A Tiger’s in Carneys Garden, Oh My!) are expecting puppies October 17! I am very excited about these two and what they can produce.

Luna’s Pedigree

Tiger’s Pedigree








This is Tiger. He is a sable parti, has a “love the world” disposition and will sit on your lap all day long if allowed!

Tiger’s coat is now a beautiful shade of grey.

Tiger after a big win!

Luna after a nice win!

Puppies Are Five Weeks Old and Loving their new digs!

My apologies for not posting sooner but I have been a busy mom!

Tango and Luna’s puppies are all together now. From the video you can see that they have a large 3’X3′ bedroom (the large black wire enclosure) and a much larger play area. We have a puppy crate with the door propped open so they can get accustomed to it. It is amazing how often they go in and out!

They also have three litter boxes which they started using last weekend and today only had two ‘accidents’. TWO! I can’t tell you how much that reduces my workload! The ‘litter’ is actually compressed pine pellets which turn to sawdust as they get wet. Makes for (relatively) easy cleanup.

I introduce different toys every day. Today there is a kitty toy with three balls that go round and round the 3 level track. They love it!

They are chewing like crazy since their little teeth are coming in. So they have a bunch of nylabones. I never give rawhide to my dogs.

I introduced them to kibble mush about 5 days ago and they have taken to it like it is candy.

Today is probably one of the last days they will nurse. Once they start to get teeth the moms lose their interest in nursing.

Anyway, enjoy the videos.