Two Weeks Old and Growing!!

Meri and Striker’s pups are 2 1/2 weeks old. Their eyes are just beginning to open. When they were born, they found their mother by their keen senses of smell and touch. They will soon see…albeit very foggily. Their hearing will begin to develop in a week or so. Every day there are changes!!



All I Can Say is “Whew, we are busy!”

A couple videos of the pups today. In the second video the pups are playing on a teeter totter I created from two walls of my whelping box. They love it and while they play they are learning a new skill. Balance, confidence and unpredictable surroundings all come to play in this!

Fern and Phantom Have Puppies!

We have 5 beautiful puppies in our house that were born May 20…three days early!

Sire is GCH CH Los Legendas Magic in Carneys Garden (aka Phantom) and dam is GCH CH Artwryks at Carneys Paradise Garden (aka Maggie).

The first born is still a little on the small side but we are hoping she will catch up to her siblings over time.

Here is their photo. Beautiful, right?