Puppies Coming!

Luna (GCH CH Carneys Luminescent Moonflower) and Tiger (A Tiger’s in Carneys Garden, Oh My!) are expecting puppies October 17! I am very excited about these two and what they can produce.

Luna’s Pedigree

Tiger’s Pedigree








This is Tiger. He is a sable parti, has a “love the world” disposition and will sit on your lap all day long if allowed!

Tiger’s coat is now a beautiful shade of grey.

Tiger after a big win!

Luna after a nice win!

Tinkerbell and Tiana from our Disney Litters

I am going to try and do some focus photos and two videos of two puppies at a time. A different post for the next four days. We’ll see how it goes. Starting with Tinkerbell and Tiana, both Tango/Woody puppies. Both girls.

Tiana….see her white tail tip?

Tinkerbell….more white around her nose.

Tiana is a little darker and has the tiny white tip on her tail. Enjoy!


Two Weeks Old and Growing!!

Meri and Striker’s pups are 2 1/2 weeks old. Their eyes are just beginning to open. When they were born, they found their mother by their keen senses of smell and touch. They will soon see…albeit very foggily. Their hearing will begin to develop in a week or so. Every day there are changes!!



Some Individual Photos of our Country Legends.

The puppies are 3 days old and gaining well. Their numbers are their birth order. Names to follow soon. We are calling them our Country Legends Litter.


Puppy #5, Hank (Williams),  is a boy. He is also a dark sable parti.

Puppy #1, AKA Patsy (Cline),  is a red sable girl.

Puppy #3, AKA Tammy (Wynette), is a girl. She was born very white but we are seeing some patches of cream working their way in.

Puppy #4, Jimmie (Rogers), is a dark sable with lots of white. Also called a sable parti.

Puppy #2, Johnny (Cash), is a dark sable pied which means he has more color than white. He is a boy.