Puppy Pix Update

Morticia Weighs 2.3#

Lively Morticia!

Agatha weighs 2.7#

Agatha gets the “Looks Most Like Mom” award.

Glenda weighs 2.0#

Glenda close up. Love her eyes!

Casper weighs 3.1#….biggest of the bunch. He is such a love.

Buffy exhausted after a full morning of play! Gorgeous coat!

Buffy weighs 2.6#

A Very Busy Week!!

Puppies turned 4 weeks old on Sunday. This has been a very busy time!!

They had their first taste of puppy formula Nov. 10 and LOVED it!

They had their first nail trim and Luna LOVED that!!

They had their first dewormer and their bellies LOVED that!!

They had a new toy to play with each day.

I introduced a litter box. Let’s just say they are at about 50% usage. Not bad for one week!

I introduced puppy mush to their formula two days ago and it was like they had never ate!

Yesterday I disassembled their whelping box so they could see their little world. (As big as my bedroom is, anyway!)

They also got their first vaccine. I give it to them myself so they don’t have to leave the house and be exposed to other dogs at the vet.

I LOVE this age! They are so cute! Here are some candids. Enjoy!!