We Have Puppies!

It has been over five months since I’ve had tiny paws padding around my house so I am excited!

Sienna whelped 7 beautiful (but tiny) babies last night. She was four days early which is rare in dogs. But I am certain because I had her progesterone tested twice and the breeding was by artificial insemination. My boy Tiger is the sire.

This breeding combines multiple lines and pedigrees that I love and respect. My first champion, Lily, is the great grandmother! And my boy Tiger, who lives nearby, is the sire. Suffice it to say I can’t wait to see how these kids develop.

Video of puppies just hours old!

Sienna taking a nap with me on the lounge chair

Sienna enjoying some quality time on my lap in the lounge chair the day before pups arrived!.

Riley Needs A Home

There are so many aspects to breeding dogs. Some are obvious….dog shows, vet visits, health testing, puppies, mentoring new families, staying in touch with families….

But one aspect that doesn’t often get much attention is rehoming an older dog that can’t stay with its longtime owner.

My contract states that if a family is no longer able to take care of their dog they must return it to me. This is so none of my puppy’s end up in a puppy mill, a shelter or a terrible living situation.

The only exception is if they the owners find a home that meets with my blessing…a home that meets my criteria of a loving, healthy and stimulating environment.

This is little Riley.

So about Riley…

Riley turned 11 this week. That very same day her owner, Norm, contacted me because his health has taken a turn and he needed help with Riley. He is in the hospital which will likely be followed with a facility for physical therapy.  So at 85,  he can no longer take care of her. And there is no one else at home. Norm’s son comes to visit and takes her out to potty but this is difficult for him as he has other committments.

I remembered Norm. He took over a commercial space that I had rented for years for my flower shop (this goes back a ways! LOL). Norm is a good man and a talented hair dresser who ran his own salon for a long time.

Anyway, of course I told him I would help.

As I said, Riley is 11. She will be current on her vaccines and assessed by my veterinarian. Norm tells me she is active, happy and loves go running with his son once a week. Your only cost will be to cover her vet visit, vaccine updates and any needs she has in this interim period. She is housebroken, a good traveller, and very intelligent. She likes to take walks but doesn’t depend on them. I can also tell you that she has been well taken care of.

Havanese are healthy dogs that typically live 15-16 years. Many live to 19 or 20! Riley would be a great companion for an older couple or individual.

If you or someone you know might be interested in adopting Riley please drop me an email…. j7carney@gmail.com. I am hoping to get her placed as soon as possible. Her life is a little upside down right now.

We Have Puppies!! Two need homes

Sunshine whelped 3 beautiful puppies on February 20. They will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. Time flies when you have puppies! Anyway, we are looking for homes for the two boys, Porsche and Beemer. Puppies are fat and healthy and playing with each other, their mom and their roomates!

This is Beemer. He is a gold sable parti and has amazing eyes. He is also a love bug!

This is little Mercedes. She is currently reserved for the show circuit…assuming she gets to standard.

This is Porche. He loves to sit on my lap. he is a dark sable parti.

Meet Sienna!

Sunshine won’t you come play with me?

Sienna at about 7 weeks.

Sienna’s win in the 4-6 month puppy class. No points…just practice.


Sienna is the puppy I kept from my October 2022 litter. She is still all puppy! She loves to play with her housemates and her toys.

Sienna is almost a year old and still working out the show dog program.

We are attending many classes and our favorite teacher, Linda, is easing Sienna into a show career. For quite some time Sienna was not buying it! She just wanted to play with her buddies at home. Dog shows with lots of racket and bigger dogs gave her the willies!

But guess what? Three weeks ago I entered Sienna in some shows in Windsor, Ontario. She won twice and now is 1/3 of the way to her Canadian championship!!

Then, last weekend Sienna took 2nd place in a group of 4 dogs right here in Monroe Michigan. I am ecstatic! More importantly she was loving it! She ran, she jumped, she turned circles! I was so happy for her….the judge not so much or she would have placed 1st. That’s ok.


Sienna at 11 months and ready for a grown-up show!

What good is any endeavor if you can’t enjoy the journey?