Boy Available

NEWS FLASH…Rain has a home!

Maggie’s puppies are 8 weeks old today and some are beginning to enter into their new stage in life…that of making families very happy and whole.

One of our buyers decided to wait a while before getting a puppy so we have a boy, Rain, available. ¬†Rain is on the small side…will likely end up about 8-10 pounds. Because he is small I am hoping for a family of adults or a family with older children that can appreciate how important it is to be careful around small puppies. He is very sweet and confident. Plays well with the other dogs and greets strangers with his tail up! If you think you’d like to meet Rain, please fill out the questionnaire on this website. It’s on the “Forms” page.

Life Just Gets Busier!

Carney's Havanese Haven, Havanese Puppies, Maxi's Puppies!

Lily and her 5 beautiful puppies

Maxi with hers…eight beauties.

We have two wonderful litters in the past week!

Maxi whelped 8 black and white puppies (4 girls, 4 boys) on December 27 and Lily whelped 5 cream puppies on December 29.

So much fun!!  So very busy!!!

Here are some photos of Maxi’s pups at one week old. As soon as I’m able I’ll post photos of Lily’s pups.

Rehoming Willow

Willow is the little girl out of my Marli and my friend’s boy Ruger. She was born February 27, 2014. I had kept her as a show prospect but it doesn’t appear she is going to get as big as I had hoped. Marli stands 8 1/2″ at the withers and Willow is about 9″. They both weigh about 8 pounds. Willow will get a little larger but I am looking for a girl about 10 pounds and I don’t think she’ll get that big.

She is a darling girl. Has lots of spunk but also loves to cuddle. She plays very well with my other dogs, especially my 10 month old, Potter. And, when we had Maxi’s puppies here Willow was their “adult” playmate.

Willow has a very soft, silky coat. She is all black except for a white “goatee”, a white patch on her chest and four white “slippers” on her feet. You can see lots of photos of Willow on this blog. But here are a couple of my favorites.

Being a breeder is a wonderful thing. But having to make tough decisions like this one is…..tough!
We have to have a discerning eye and an open mind and sometimes your heart gets in the way of all this. I could wait longer to see if Willow does get bigger but it wouldn’t be fair to her. She needs to begin bonding with her forever home!

If you’d like to meet Willow, her mom and me, drop me an e-mail and we’ll set something up.

Romping in the back yard in Florida

Willow loves her toys.

Giving Padfoot some sound words of advice

At the beach on Lake Huron

Moving On

Maxi’s puppies are moving on to their new families. I am so delighted with all the loving and nurturing homes that these kids are going to. And, all over the country! Florida, New York, California, Virginia and Michigan.

Seamus is the only one left and, in the meantime, he is getting very spoiled by his older playmates.

Emily and Seamus having a moment.

Seamus with Lily and Emily. Seamus fits right in!

The furkids.
Harry and Mary Ann
Harry’s new digs. I think he’s quite comfortable! By the way, his forever name is Handsome Harry!

A parting shot of my little Hermione…but we plan to have regular reunions in Florida!
Hermione’s new family. What a spoiled girl she will be. Her new name is Meisha (gift from god) Lucia (born at daylight…a family nickname I’m told!)

Lily loves Emily. Seamus just hanging! By the way, his family is keeping his name.

Seamus with Marli and Willow

A Havanese Huddle!