Puppy Culture Enrichment Effect

Puppy Culture recommends adding a different toy, object, obstacle etc. to the puppy pen every day. Puppies That are stimulated in this way. Here is what they say, ”

“Puppies raised with lots of stimulation actually grow more brain than puppies raised in a boring environment. They demonstrate increased learning development. This is called the enrichment effect.

Also add the litter box filled with pine pellets. Negotiating the litter box builds muscles.”

They really love this new toy I got. So many nooks, crannies, obstacles and objects!

I hope you can download this video: 

Or, here is the You-tube version!


Hippity and Peeps can even navigate the slide!

And I introduced them to my little electric vacuum. Did not pose any issue to Peter C. or Daffodil. Will try again soon with the others!

Picnic in the play set! Hoppity is squeezing thru one of the openings!

Puppies Are Five Weeks Old and Loving their new digs!

My apologies for not posting sooner but I have been a busy mom!

Tango and Luna’s puppies are all together now. From the video you can see that they have a large 3’X3′ bedroom (the large black wire enclosure) and a much larger play area. We have a puppy crate with the door propped open so they can get accustomed to it. It is amazing how often they go in and out!

They also have three litter boxes which they started using last weekend and today only had two ‘accidents’. TWO! I can’t tell you how much that reduces my workload! The ‘litter’ is actually compressed pine pellets which turn to sawdust as they get wet. Makes for (relatively) easy cleanup.

I introduce different toys every day. Today there is a kitty toy with three balls that go round and round the 3 level track. They love it!

They are chewing like crazy since their little teeth are coming in. So they have a bunch of nylabones. I never give rawhide to my dogs.

I introduced them to kibble mush about 5 days ago and they have taken to it like it is candy.

Today is probably one of the last days they will nurse. Once they start to get teeth the moms lose their interest in nursing.

Anyway, enjoy the videos.


Almost Three Weeks and Look How We Have Grown!

Luna’s pups will be 3 weeks old Wednesday. Look how big they are already. I have moved them onto a sherpa style bedding now so that they get better purchase when they walk around. It is not good for their joints to be slipping and sliding a lot at this age. Left to right we have Mickey, Baloo, Olaf and Moana.












Just two days older we have Tango’s puppies in the video. What a difference, right?

About 20 seconds in we have Eric rolling into the water bowl, sisters TinkerBell and Tiana are having a serious “conversation”. Kristoff (mostly white) and Naveen are in the upper right.