4 Weeks Old


The puppies are playing so well with each other! Fun to watch them pull and tug on each other. Here are some updated photos.

This is Mary, as in Mary Wilson of The Supremes. She weighs 1 # 12 oz.

This is Mary again. Love the colors on all these pups!



Florence weighs 1# 9 oz.

This is Marvin. Right now he’s the smallest, at 1# 6 oz., but this will likely change.

Marvin as in Marvin Gaye…another Motown superstar!

And Diana (as in Ross) who weighs 1#, 13 oz…just beating out her sister by 1 ounce.


Some Books I Like…

I have had several families appreciate input on what books to read before your new family member arrives.

Here are some I like:

The Havanese was written by a veterinarian who used to breed and show Havanese dogs


How to Speak Dog is a fun but informative book about communicating with your canine family member. Modern Dog Parenting has a wonderful approach to training your new puppy.

Dr. Pitcairn has included dozens of recipes for hand made dog food should you be so inclined. But this is a great reference book for many health issues that can come up. And, he has a holistic approach which I like.

Joyous Havanese was written by Kitty Braund and is very helpful. I got my first Havanese, Phoebe, from Kitty. It was her last litter as she was approaching 90 years young. Phoebe is my heart dog…just turned 10!

Margo Needs A Home

Due to some very unfortunate circumstances, little Margo needs a new home. She is out of my Marli/Ruger litter that whelped February 27, 2014. So she is 2 years old. Margo has a very sweet disposition and is currently on day 2 of trying to adjust to my pack. She is timid (who wouldn’t be, thrust into a home with so many other dogs!) but is improving steadily on that front.

Margo is used to living with a mom, dad and 3 and 5 year old little girls. She is housebroken and is on the small side…about 9 pounds. She will sleep in a crate or on your bed. As you can see, she is mostly black with white paws and a white chest. Very pretty! She is current on all her shots and is spayed. She is AKC registered and microchipped.

If you think Margo would fit into your life, please fill out the questionnaire on my website and we can go from there.


More from Avidog!

Here are the next few puppy nurturing steps on Avid Dog.

7.  On Days 3-16 do Avidog’s Early Scent Stimulation. Things like leaves, bark or wood. An orange peel or banana…we let them smell banana.  Fresh evergreen or flowers…we introduced jatropha blooms from our patio. Fresh herbs…we introduced basil.

8.  Give pups a floor with good traction to build muscle and coordination while reducing future orthopedic problems.

Note: while it is tempting to keep the pups on tile or vinyl, these surfaces are NOT good for muscle development. Instead, they are on cotton pads and fleece that gives their little feet something to grab on to.

9.  Stack each puppy on the table twice a week.

Note: We are starting that now. I like to wait until their little legs could support them.

10. Trim toenails every three days to reduce risk of mastitis in the dam and to accustom the pups to this constant grooming task.

Note: I’m on it!

11. On Days 3-16 perform Dr. Carmen Battaglia’s Early Neurological Stimulation protocol on each puppy. Gently supporting the pup;s body, perform these exercises for 3-5 seconds.

* Hold the puppy with both hands perpendicular to the ground, so its head is directly above its tail.

* Hold the puppy with both hands perpendicular to the ground, so its tail is directly above its head.

* Hold the pup in both hands with its belly down so it is facing the floor.

* Hold the pup with its back resting in the palm of both hands so it is facing the ceiling.

* Hold the pup in one hand, while using a Q-tip, gently tickle the puppy between its toes on one foot. Tickle a different paw each day.

* Place the puppy, belly down, onto a cold, textured surface. Do not restrain the puppy from moving.

Note: I will be doing this several times while the puppies are with me. 

12. Rotate new toys into the whelping box each day.

Note: We go through mini-kongs, tennis balls, large stuffed toys, and cat toys with internal jingle bells.