Ready for their New Homes!

The pups are 8 weeks old now and ready to meet their new families. I have blankets and toys in their pen to play with. These will go with them to their new families so they have the scents of their litter mates with them for comfort. It is a scary time for new puppies but their Puppy Culture protocol will help them face their future with lots of confidence and excitement.

Puppies Are Five Weeks Old and Loving their new digs!

My apologies for not posting sooner but I have been a busy mom!

Tango and Luna’s puppies are all together now. From the video you can see that they have a large 3’X3′ bedroom (the large black wire enclosure) and a much larger play area. We have a puppy crate with the door propped open so they can get accustomed to it. It is amazing how often they go in and out!

They also have three litter boxes which they started using last weekend and today only had two ‘accidents’. TWO! I can’t tell you how much that reduces my workload! The ‘litter’ is actually compressed pine pellets which turn to sawdust as they get wet. Makes for (relatively) easy cleanup.

I introduce different toys every day. Today there is a kitty toy with three balls that go round and round the 3 level track. They love it!

They are chewing like crazy since their little teeth are coming in. So they have a bunch of nylabones. I never give rawhide to my dogs.

I introduced them to kibble mush about 5 days ago and they have taken to it like it is candy.

Today is probably one of the last days they will nurse. Once they start to get teeth the moms lose their interest in nursing.

Anyway, enjoy the videos.


Almost Three Weeks and Look How We Have Grown!

Luna’s pups will be 3 weeks old Wednesday. Look how big they are already. I have moved them onto a sherpa style bedding now so that they get better purchase when they walk around. It is not good for their joints to be slipping and sliding a lot at this age. Left to right we have Mickey, Baloo, Olaf and Moana.












Just two days older we have Tango’s puppies in the video. What a difference, right?

About 20 seconds in we have Eric rolling into the water bowl, sisters TinkerBell and Tiana are having a serious “conversation”. Kristoff (mostly white) and Naveen are in the upper right.


Meet Our Disney Characters! These are Tango and Woody’s Pups

This is Kristoff. You can see his eyes are beginning to open. Born fourht, he is all white but has a significant amount of pale red emerging. He weighs 380 grams.

This is TinkerBell. She was born first and is a little spitfire! She is mostly red with white on her paws and a little white blaze on her face. She weighs 399 grams.

Tango’s puppies, top to bottom…Tiana,Olaf,TinkerBell,Kristoff and Eric. I love their plump little bellies. Tango is a great Mom.


I am calling this little girl Tiana. Again she is mostly red with more white on her face and paws than TinkerBell. She also has a bit of a black mask. Tiana was born second and, at 414 grams, is currently the biggest pup. That is likely to change.

This is Eric, our little red boy. He has beautiful black markings on his face and tail as well as a nice white blaze and white on his paws. He weighs 398 grams and was third born.

Last but certainly not least is Naveen from the Disney movie Princess and the Pea. He is a beautiful red parti with some black on his face. (Nice for concealing tear stains!) He has a lot of white on his legs and a beautiful white blaze. Naveen weighs 380 grams and was the fourth born.

Back to Eric just to show you how his little peepers are beginning to open as well. Won’t be long now before a whole new world opens to them!

Tango’s puppies are two weeks old today! Since besides its beautiful beaches Florida is known for Disney World, I decided on Disney characters for their names.


Eating and Sleeping…That’s What They Do!!

Here they are lined up at the “milk bar”.!

And now they sleep.








So we are calling them the Country Legends litter because, in between these pups’ arrivals last Friday night,¬† I watched the PBS special on the history of Country Music. Great show, by the way.

So on the top right photo we have¬† Hank (Williams) at 2 o’clock. At 3 o’clock we have Patsy (Cline). At 7 o’clock we have Tammy (Wynette). At 9 o’clock we have Johnny (Cash) and at 11 o’clock we have Jimmie (Rogers).

Just wanted you to see how their little noses, at 1 week, are already darkening!