Puppys turned 1 week old Sunday!

  We started our Puppy Culture Protocol a few days ago. Here the puppies are getting accustomed to being on their backs. It stimulates the nerves they do now normally use at this stage. They also spend a few seconds vertically both with heads up and heads down. Again, for the same reason. It also flushes their little brains with blood….and then drains it.


None of these movements are intended to replace the normal petting, stroking and hugging they get each day. These are also very important for reducing blood pressure and stress in the puppies.





Puppies Coming!

Luna (GCH CH Carneys Luminescent Moonflower) and Tiger (A Tiger’s in Carneys Garden, Oh My!) are expecting puppies October 17! I am very excited about these two and what they can produce.

Luna’s Pedigree

Tiger’s Pedigree








This is Tiger. He is a sable parti, has a “love the world” disposition and will sit on your lap all day long if allowed!

Tiger’s coat is now a beautiful shade of grey.

Tiger after a big win!

Luna after a nice win!