Luna’s Spring is in the Air Litter

Well 4 weeks have already passed since Luna whelped her final litter and I am just now getting photos and videos up. That’s how crazy life has been!!

Luna had been scheduled to have a C-section on April 14. She had a c-section for her October 17 litter. But with only 3 puppies showing on the ultra sound, I decided to try another natural whelp. On April 15 three beautiful girls arrived with nary a hitch! Here are photos of the pups early on…and I hope I don’t freak you out with the first one. I think it is awesome!


Puppy 3 whelped but still in her sac!

Luna and her puppies at 1 day old.

Puppy 1, hours old.

Puppy 3 just hours old.

Puppy 2, hours old.

Puppy #1 at 5 days.

Puppy #2 at 5 days.




A big yawn from Puppy #3 at 5 days.