Why Do Newborn Puppies Twitch?

I wanted to show you a video of our sleeping babies so you could enjoy their puppy sounds and watch them twitch!

Not only perfectly normal, but a sign of healthy puppies, twitching helps build their muscles when they are still unable to move around much. Not twitching is cause for concern. This is called “activated Sleep”. You can read about it on the Puppy Culture website. But basically it helps muscle and form the neurological connections that will allow them to develop motor coordination. Fascinating, right?

10 Days Old! And now we have names!

Puppy #1, a boy. Now Peter Cottontail!

Puppy #4, boy. Now Jelly Bean

Puppy #2, girl. Now Daffodil!

Puppy #3, girl. Now Hoppity

Puppy #5, girl. Now Peeps

Luna’s puppies are 10 days old! Noses are changing from pink to black. They are nursing well and gaining like crazy!

I decided it was time to assign their Easter names.

Sorry the photos are so scattered. I am clearly not a website techy!



Puppy #6, girl. Now Hippity.