It’s A Tough Job But….

Thought I’d share a few photos. Puppies are learning to pee on the piddle pad. Not too difficult. I just put it in the corner of their box where they already relieve themselves. Hopefully they will get the picture and continue to use the pad when they are in their x-pen.

They are still sleeping most of the day but when they are awake they are playing with their litter mates. It is so cute to see them challenging each other with their play growls then tipping over sideways before converting the growl into play bites. They always sleep in a huge pile which I find endearing and Phoebe is still quite protective of them when the big girls come around.

Puppy Breath has to be the best!   Or, maybe it’s Puppy Kisses!

Puppies sleeping after a busy morning nursing and socializing.We call this pose the Buddha Belly.

Meora meets a puppy and Phoebe gets a well deserved hug.

Time Flies–Time to Name the Puppies!

Puppies had their first pedicure today. Out of the eight, six were very cooperative. The other two are the ones who make all the noise–so no surprise there.

This is also the point in time where I am assembling names. Since the puppies were born the day before and on April 14 and 15 (two after midnight), we are calling this our Tax Day Litter!

Names we are considering so far are:

1. Carneys Best Deduction (Bess)
2. Carneys Rapid Refund (Rufus)
3. Carneys Maximum Return (Max)
4. Carneys Going For That Extension (Go-Go)
5. Carneys Lovin’ Uncle Sam (Sammy)
6. Carneys Turbo My Return (Turbo)
7. Carneys Filing Just In Time (Filer)
8. Carneys Better than A 401K (KK)
9. Carneys Me and the IRS (Iris)
10. Carneys Sugar Sweet Asset (Sugar)
11.Carneys Purest Profit (Essie)

 If you have any suggestions to add–please do so!

Also, if you are so inclined vote on your three favorites.

Day Ten

Puppies are all growing very fast. Phoebe is getting a homemade mix of ground chicken, brown rice and sweet potatoes. I’m supplementing that with adult dog kibble–Wellness brand–and cottage cheese. She is eating about five times a day–over double what she normally eats! Puppies noses are beginning to color in and their toe nails are hardening. Some are black and some are white–very cute!

At this point their eyes are still closed and they sleep on the heating pad about 90% of the time. When they are awake all they do is seek out Mom and eat. Phoebe is comfortable sleeping outside the litter box but won’t leave the room except to go outdoors. We might take a short walk today. I’m told it stimulates milk production.

Here are some photos to start your morning!

Feeling Like A Dog Again

I think Phoebe is finally feeling like a dog again and not just a milk machine. Puppies are five and six days old, gaining nicely and squealing up a storm. Good news is that Phoebe came in to the family room to watch TV with us last night. She has been a nervous first-time mother and this was the first time she left the puppy room other than to go potty.

The weather in Michigan has been beautiful after a cold weekend. Can’t wait until the pups are big enough to go outside in the yard to play!

Some photos Jen Brown took on Sunday.

The Milk Machine

Puppies are holding their own weight-wise. They are amazingly active and well developed.
Phoebe is beginning to relax just a little–lying down now to nurse.  A few of the puppies seem to need some supplementing. We started bottle feeding them for this. Then my daughter Jenny had this great idea to turn Phoebe into a ‘mlk machine’ while the bigger puppies were sleeping. Worked like a charm!

Just to give you all an idea of how tiny these puppies are, here are a couple in Jen Brown’s palms. She has this magical touch. As soon as they were in her palms they fell asleep!