Sad News

Lynn Nieto with her boy Pan

Lynn Nieto, owner of Los Perritos Havanese, brought us some sad news yesterday. Her Havanese boy Pan, CH Los Perritos Wee Pantaloons, passed over the rainbow bridge. Pan is grandfather to both Maxi and our one-year-old, Marli. He is a champion in every sense of the word and has more pups carrying his gene pool than any other Havanese in the country. Lynn, with her huge knowledge bank and equally huge sense of humor,  has been a mentor to me.

I will never forget attending my first Havanese National Specialty in Chicago when I sat in a breeding seminar next to a small crate of puppies. They were sired by Pan and caused almost as much commotion as Dr. Huchinson, celebrated reproduction veterinarian, who gave the seminar!

Pan, may you rest in peace.

Puppies Meet the Kids

What is the best way to raise puppies who greet strangers with kisses and wagging tails? 

1. Pick a breed known to enjoy the company of humans (like the Havanese).

2. Socialize, socialize, socialize.

Guess what we did Saturday?

Liam is very gentle with Sammy

 Luke and Filer with Mom Lesley

Bill, Liam and Filer

Bill, Liam and a patio of puppies

El and Luke
with the Puppies   
Puppies everywhere!!!

Big Field Trip Today!!

We went to have our ears tested today–
It is called the Baer Hearing Test.
Very high-tech!

You can check out the video
on the left of this page too!

Here is Rapper checking out the equipment!

Sammy wired and ready to go!

The microphone being held to Dee Dee’s right ear

Katie was such a sweetheart!

Phoebe getting wired

Phoebe is almost finished