Fozzie Needs An Active Family!

Fozzie has been the stud dog (literally) at Carney’s Haven for two years. He has produced two wonderful litters. But, in fairness to Fozzie, I have decided to find a family for him that can match his energy levels, his playfulness and his loving personality!

In addition, I need to cut back a bit on my breeding program as I am not getting any younger! So I will keep fewer dogs and continue to breed, but just one or two litters a year.

Fozzie is an AKC Grand Champion. He achieved all his points before he was a year old!!

But, more importantly, he is a sound, structurally perfect and healthy specimen of the Havanese breed. He has passed all the required health testing for Havanese and more. He weighs about 13 pounds. His color is chocolate parti which means he is brown and white. He has beautiful green/brown eyes and a cute white “beard”.

Like I said earlier, he would do best in an active household. Either one with children or one with active adults. He loves to run, take long walks and chase his toys. He would be a terrific hiking partner, agility candidate or performance dog. My first choice would be a family willing to keep him intact so I could breed him one or two more times. But if that is not an option I will have him neutered.

Fozzie is trained to potty outdoors and to use a pee pad indoors.

He has taken several obedience classes because we had thoughts about training him to compete as a performance dog. He would be terrific at this and was the star pupil at all his classes! I just don’t have the time to devote right now.

Fozzie as the cutest puppy ever!

Fozzie’s first of many, many ribbons!

Fozzie in his “Puppy Cut”.











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