Thank you for your interest in one of my Havanese puppies.

All our puppies are $2500. They come from health certified parents, are extremely well socialized, are well on their way to being potty trained, have been examined by my veterinarian, have their first set of shots, are dewormed and microchipped.

By filling out this questionnaire you help me understand what you are looking for in a puppy and which puppy will be best for your lifestyle. Please read these questions carefully and answer them honestly with as much detail as possible. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers

Please fill out the form below, or copy and paste the questions into an email, and send back to me. You may also print the questionnaire from here (click) and mail via post – or scan and email. Contact me for the address

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Please tell me a little about yourself, your family and your home.

What do you know about Havanese?

What do you like about this breed?

How did you first learn about Havanese?

Why do you want a puppy from Carneys Havanese?

Have you had dogs before? yesno What breed (s)?

Do you still have your dog? yesno If you do not, please tell me why?

Do you have other pets at home? yesno If yes, what are they?

Do you have children living at home? yesno What are their ages?

Do you live in the city or country? CityCountry

Is your yard fenced? YesNo

Where will your puppy sleep?

Where will the puppy be during the day?

What activities do you plan for your puppy?

What will be a typical day for your Havanese?

How long might your puppy be home alone?

Do you have any extensive (more than 3-4 days) travel plans in the upcoming year?

Will your puppy potty indoors or outside?

Do you have training goals for your puppy? (Rally, agility, conformation, etc.?)

Do you plan to attend obedience and/or socialization classes with your puppy?

What is your timeline for getting a puppy?

We will recommend a puppy for you based on its temperament, personality and your lifestyle. However we will consider your preferences for gender and color. Do you have a preference?

How set are you in these preferences?

Havanese are noted for the following characteristics. Please number their importance to you. (1 is most important, 10 is least important)


Happy personality


Snuggle bug/Couch potato

Therapy dog

Conformation (AKC shows)

Agility or Rally

Constant companion

Walking companion

Travel ease

Do you prefer a dog that is more independent or a shadow?

Considering the activity level of your home. I want you to have a puppy that will adapt to your style of living. Is your home:

Calm and quiet

Active and noisey

Have young children or many visitors

Are you seeking a puppy with a lot of drive and energy or mellow and laid back?

How much social interaction will your puppy get with other people and/ or pets?

What do you think are important ways to keep your puppy happy and stimulated?

I recommend dogs be neutered at about 7-9 months of age. Females after their first cycle. Do you plan to neuter your puppy? yesno

Havanese can inherit some debilitating health issues though, thankfully, ours have not. As a breeder I try to avoid issues through health testing. However, genetics being what they are, issues can arise from a long gone ancestor. It is helpful if I am alerted to any issues your puppy encounters. We ask that you act responsibly by having the following tests performed when your puppy is 2 years old: Hip dysplasia, patella issues, cardiac issues and hearing issues. These are the problems some Havanese can inherit. Are you willing to do this?YesNo

What do other family members think of your getting a puppy?

What do you suspect might be your greatest challenge in raising your puppy?

If for any reason you are not able to keep ownership of your puppy, will you return it to me? YesNo

Are you a dog breeder? YesNo

Do you plan to breed your puppy? YesNo

The internet is a great source of information for pet owners and also provide wonderful opportunities to network with other Havanese owners. Do you belong to any Havanese forums or organizations?

How did you learn about Carneys Havanese Haven?

What is the name and phone number of your veterinarian?


May I contact them for a reference? yesno

Please list three more references, limiting family members to just one of the three.

1. Name: Relationship to you:

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2. Name: Relationship to you:

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3. Name: Relationship to you:

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Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. I know it is lengthy and time consuming.

My puppies are very important to me. I am the reason they are in this world and I want to ensure they love every minute of their lives!!

If you have any trouble with the form, you may also print the questionnaire from here (click) and mail via post – or scan and email. Contact me for the address