Big Weekend for the Puppies

We had lots of new experiences this past weekend. Friday night we all got baths. What a hoot. If it wasn’t just me giving them I would have had photos. They did really well and smell so much better!

Saturday we learned all about the vacuum cleaner. They weren’t terrified but they were definitely aware that a very long snake was cleaning up around their x-pen. I videoed that one. I’m going to vacuum in the area again today and gauge their reactions. I can almost bet they will be more curious and less frightened.
Makes for a much easier transitioning.

We also had a visit from one of our adopting families who, conveniently, lives a block away!
Puppies were on the loose in my puppy room which is working out great this time around…open x-pens at both ends and in front of all the electrical outlets. I have a hardwood floor which helps with cleanup.
The puppies did really well in the poop department…always used the two pads I have in the room. We need a little more practice, though, in the pee department. Next week we will come out individually so I can gently monitor their disposal habits!

So much fun at six weeks.

Next week we get our first vet visit, shots and micro-chips.

Following week is the BAER hearing test. You can read about that earlier in this blog with photos from my last litter.

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