From Birmingham MI to Naples FL–A Match Meant To Be

It was with no small amount of luck that I met Charlene Edwards of CSTA Havanese the beginning of February–with Phoebe three days into her heat cycle. Knowing this would likely happen when I was wintering in Florida (but not quite so soon after I arrived) I had arranged to meet a couple well-respected Florida breeders. The timing, however, did not work for them.

I had found a veterinarian in Naples whose website struck me as reputable and reliable. While there for Phoebe’s first progesterone test I was given Charlene’s name as she was one of their best customers. The rest is history and Phoebe (top photo-AKA Roughrider’s Winnett) and Prince (bottom photo- AKA Los Perritos An Heir About Him) are expecting eight wonderful puppies on April 15, 2010.

Two weeks into her pregnancy Phoebe stopped eating her usual food. I went through an entire pet store supply of different things to tempt her with. Her favorite??? Armour Vienna Sausages! Since then we have managed to find a much healthier option–Wellness for Puppies in the can.

We went to our Michigan vet Monday, April 5 for Phoebe’s x-ray.
Eight puppies!
Then we went for an ultrasound because she had a slight discharge.
Eight healthy heartbeats and a yawn!

Trust me–I’m not the one who was bored–it was one of the pups in utero.

To see Phoebe and Prince’s pedigree go to my website,

Today I started taking Phoebe’s temperature. At 8:20 AM it was 100.9. At 12:20 PM it was 99.4.

Stay tuned for more developments!

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