Uno, now Junot, Still Needs a Home!

We are looking for the perfect home for this little guy. He has lots of energy but will settle down and cuddle too. He weighs about 6 pounds…will likely be about 9 pounds as an adult.

This is Marlis pup born April 19. It wasn’t until he was about 8 weeks old that we began to notice something different about him. He has a short coat! We now call him Junot and his coat is the result of a recessive genes carried by each of his parents. Hence the term short-coated Havanese. As you can see, he has a very sweet face and gorgeous Havanese almond eyes! He is by far the most friendly pup I’ve raised. Loves to be petted, to play and to be on my lap. Bonus…he is incredibly intelligent.


He’s King of the Castle! A favorite game!

Because of his coat there is a chance is Junot is not as hypo-allergenic as most Havanese. On the up side…he doesn’t need to be brushed three times a week!

if you would like to meet Junot, send me a note!





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