Phoebe is Getting Fat!

Phoebe’s next litter is due next week. Last night we snuggled on the LazyBoy and I could feel the puppies squirming around in Phoebe’s belly. As often as I have felt puppies this way it is still exhilarating. Life inside life.

We go tomorrow night to get an x-ray to see how many puppies she has. If she has six or more they will be smaller and much easier to whelp. If she has three or less whelping could be an issue as the puppies will be much larger. (They are like goldfish…grow into the size of their container!)

I will begin taking her rectal temperature Friday. A normal temp is 101-102. When it drops below 99 whelping will begin twelve hours or so later.

Two Loving Homes Needed

I have found wonderful families for Ava, Chilly, Frosty and Rudolph. Dancer and Angel are the two I have left. Angel has always been a little spunky and love, love, loves to play. She is on the smaller side–will likely be about ten to eleven pounds at maturity. She is my shadow outdoors–rarely lets me out of her sight. She is doing very well with potty training and has no issues with walking on a leash with a harness. Here is little Angel in our Florida garden.

Dancer is a bit larger (one reason being he’s a boy!). He loves to play as well and the two of them will romp together for hours. They have even brought out the puppy in their mother, Phoebe. Dancer is a bit more adventurous than Angel. He too is doing well with pottying on the Potty Park as well as outdoors. He loves to dance and I am certain will be very adept at agility or rally. Here is a photo of Dancer.

Check out Chilly

Chilly has received lots of comments about his moustache. 

It is not the only endearing thing about him though.
He is an outgoing little guy who likes to snuggle at the end of a long play session. He is good buddies with Miss Frosty, our littlest pup. They tumble around and Chilly often lets her get the best of him–he’s that kind of gentleman.