Equipment for Your Havanese Puppy

Phoebe’s puppies at 12 days

Equipment for Your Havanese Puppy
The first few days with a puppy are very special ones. Make sure the course is as smooth as possible. Here are a few things you may want to have on hand.
1. Carrier (to bring your puppy home)
                  If you plan to travel on an airplane with your Havanese it is wise to purchase a sturdy carrier that is airline approved and will fit under the seat of your airplane. Get a size that will be large enough for your puppy when he is full grown. Plan to spend about $30-50.
2. Harness and leash
                  Because a Havanese puppy is so small, I don’t recommend collars. The size harness you will want will be extra small (up to 4 pound pup) or small (4-8 pound pup).
3.  Crate.
                  I recommend the open wire crates with a removable floor (for cleaning) and a divider that will create a smaller space for sleeping until the pup is completely housebroken. A crate appropriate for a 15 pound dog is more than sufficient. Any larger gives the pup too much space inside.
4. Exercise Pen (X-pen)
                  The 8 panel, 30” tall, pen is fine. Some come with gates, some do not. Plan to spend about $40.
5. Food bowls.
                  Ceramic or stainless steel are best. Puppies will chew plastic ones. Smaller is good (5” max) as the older pup’s ears will likely land outside the bowl (and the food).
6. Food
                  Your puppy has been eating Organix Puppy Food (Whole Foods) and Wellness Super Mix Just for Puppy (most pet stores). They are used to three meals a day…about ¼ cup per meal.
7. Toys
                  Puppies love toys! Lots of toys keep their interest away from furniture, cords and shoes! Tough rubber toys for teething are good, especially the small “Kong” toys you can stuff with yogurt and freeze. Squeaky toys are good too. Just don’t spend a lot on these squeaky toys as they pup will likely dismember it in a few weeks!
I can’t believe Maxi’s pups are 3 weeks old!

8. Piddle Pads

                  Your puppy is trained to use a piddle pad. I use the pale blue, plastic backed ones with 4 layers of newspaper on top. This seems to reduce the shredding motivation. As the pup matures you can eliminate the newspaper.
9. Piddle Pad Frame
                  You will also need the plastic piddle pad frame to hold the pads in place. I was lucky enough to find the adhesive backed pads at one point, which eliminated the need for the frame. I have not 
been able to find them lately though.If you plan to keep your 
piddle pad as a permanent place for pottying you can buy 
them online a lot cheaper…100 for $50.
10. Nail Clippers and Brush
                  Your puppy is used to having his nails trimmed. I do this to reduce their angst down the road. You can use a human nail clipper for now…the kind that clip from the side are good. Later you will need a regular dog nail trimmer. The mini slicker brush work best for general grooming. Again, he is used to this and it is a good idea to continue to brush him 2-3 times a week just for a few minutes.
A big yawn

11. 5-6” long Nylabones. Do not use rawhide chews for puppies and always supervise your puppy when he is chewing any kind of bones.

12. Natures Miracle spray. There are all kinds of sizes as well as special formulas for hardwood floors, laundry, etc. The best produce I’ve found for removing odors and stains.
13. Bathing supplies should include shampoo, conditioner and detangler. For the first two, I actually use Tresemee’ brand that you can find in most grocery and drug stores. For the detangler I use Christensen’s Ice on Ice Detangler which can be purchased online. 

Books for Havanese Owners

While the puppies continue to grow and explore their ever expanding worlds I thought I’d offer up some suggested reading material.

My list of books is always expanding.

1. My latest purchase was “From Nose to Tail” by Noel Hynds and Suzanne McKay, written in collaboration with the Havanese Fanciers of Canada. If you are going to keep your puppy in a full coat this book is a must! If you are going to keep him in a puppy cut this is a great book to show your groomer and to help you maintain your puppy’s coat. Here is the link to order the book online:

 2. Another helpful book is “The Joyous Havanese” by Kitty Braund. Kitty is considered one of the foremost authorities on the Havanese breed. She was kind enough to allow me to be Phoebe’s human! Phoebe is from Kitty’s last litter before she retired from breeding at the young age of almost 90! “Joyous Havanese” is available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

 3. “Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats” is a long title for a book that has been one of my bibles as a dog owner. When I don’t have 16 puppies running around I cook several recipes from this book for my dogs. Generally I will feed them a mix of 1/2 top quality kibble and 1/2 Dr. Pitcairn’s recipes. He also covers a number of health-related issues, all from a holistic perspective.

4. If you are interested in natural nutrition for your dogs another reference is “Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats” by Kymythy R. Schultze. It just offers another perspective on the subject.

And then, if you enjoy reading you might pick up one of Elizabeth Marshal Thomas’s books. She has written several about animals but her two dog titles are wonderful. “The Social Life of Dogs” and “The Hidden Life of Dogs” both helped me understand my canine friends much better.

Lots of Helpers

The wonderful thing about my breeding program is all the helpers I have. With sixteen to keep track of, it is almost a necessity. Plus the pups get used to all kinds of voices, smells and sensations. Wonderful for socializing. Alex and Michael came over yesterday to help me name our Independence Day pups. Here are some photos.

Alex bottle feeding Blaze

Michael napping with Sparky

Phoebe’s pups…6 girls on the left; 2 boys on the right

This is our modified English Shepherd whelping box. It is large enough for mother and daughter to share. I just added a few bumpers in the middle. It will be good for about two more weeks. Things change quickly in this world of puppies!