And Now we have names

Oh my how fun these puppies are! They sleep, play, sleep, eat, sleep, play, poo.
This is the best!

Now that I’m almost over the flu I have the time to photograph, edit and post their individual pix for you. Thank goodness for my household of family who were more than willing to help with the task!
By the way, the theme with this litter is Florida trees.

Here they are, again in birth order:

1. Myrtle (for Wax Myrtle) is a black Irish pied female.

2. Maggie (Magnolia Tree) is a black parti female with a “heart” shape on her back that is almost blended out with her longer coat.

3. Holly (Dahoon Holly) is also a black parti female.

4. Sabol (Sabol Palm…Florida’s state tree) is the sable parti boy I bottle fed for 4 weeks. He’s feeding on his own quite nicely now.

5. Coco is named after the Coconut Palm. He is our chocolate parti boy.

6. Maple (yes, there are maple trees in Florida!)  is our sable parti girl.

7. Here’s Mango (love that name!) our little black parti female.

8. And, last but not least Gumbo (for the Gumbo Limbo tree). Our black parti boy.

I have to admit, I’m pretty happy with these puppies…of course I’m happy with every litter. But these little ones are gorgeous in my unbiased opinion!

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  1. Oh Jacqui, I was so taken with the individual pix of baby pups, I didn't even notice "5 Wks video #2" Jeeze Louise !! could there be a cuter video and accompanying music?? My insides tickle, my face hurts from smiling ear to ear…adorable. Now I alos love little girl #6. Everyone is so special in it's own way !!! I can totally see why you are not biased in the least. … you just have to agree, they are, ' all of them' very special !!! Lynette

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