How Does THAT Happen?

Well, trust me it does because dogs are like people and they like to ‘play around.’ So when the breeder who took Phoebe in last September called me to say a disaster had fallen upon their household I was prepared for something much worse than hearing we might have a Multiple-Sired litter. Mind you, if this breeder hadn’t called and ‘fessed’ up to the situation I would likely have never known. That is the kind of breeder I look for…honest, sincere and mentoring.

Yes, I was disappointed. But, what are you going to do. She had a perfectly logical explanation and trust me it did not happen because she was careless.

Moving forward we had DNA testing done on all the puppies, on Phoebe and on both potential sires, Specs and Andrew. But, because AKC takes up to ten weeks for this process and we wanted results much sooner we went with a different company. Kathy was about 90% certain the puppies were all Specs’ given he and Phoebe had had three breedings before Andrew stepped onto the scene. That way we could register them right away with AKC.

Bad news:
Two were Specs’ pups and four were Andrew’s.

Good news:
Andrew has a fantastic pedigree, healthy parentage and a delightful disposition.

We are now in the process of having the puppies re-tested with AKC as they will not accept DNA testing from companies other than their own. Then, we submit two applications to register the two litters that are really one litter.

Ten weeks after that the puppies will have their official AKC papers. WHEW!

Big Weekend for the Puppies

We had lots of new experiences this past weekend. Friday night we all got baths. What a hoot. If it wasn’t just me giving them I would have had photos. They did really well and smell so much better!

Saturday we learned all about the vacuum cleaner. They weren’t terrified but they were definitely aware that a very long snake was cleaning up around their x-pen. I videoed that one. I’m going to vacuum in the area again today and gauge their reactions. I can almost bet they will be more curious and less frightened.
Makes for a much easier transitioning.

We also had a visit from one of our adopting families who, conveniently, lives a block away!
Puppies were on the loose in my puppy room which is working out great this time around…open x-pens at both ends and in front of all the electrical outlets. I have a hardwood floor which helps with cleanup.
The puppies did really well in the poop department…always used the two pads I have in the room. We need a little more practice, though, in the pee department. Next week we will come out individually so I can gently monitor their disposal habits!

So much fun at six weeks.

Next week we get our first vet visit, shots and micro-chips.

Following week is the BAER hearing test. You can read about that earlier in this blog with photos from my last litter.

Time Usually Flies But….

…this is ridiculous. The puppies are already 4 1/2 weeks old! That’s what holidays full of family, friends and Havanese will do to you!  They are growing…no surprise there. And this is the stage where their little personalities begin to surface. We have Rudolph, the independent one. Then there’s Dancer, who I thought was a cry baby until I realized he was just bored…probably the brightest one in the bunch the way he explores new toys. Angel is a little on the quiet side…so far, that is. And, Chilli is a rolly-poly  love muffin!


Anyway this begins a difficult weak as I wean the puppies from their mother. They have been eating canned puppy food and goat’s milk for about ten days now but neither they nor their mother want to give up the nursing. I had to take Phoebe to be with me last night because she wakes up in the wee hours of the morning keening for her babies. A few more days and this will pass and they can romp and play together until they drop from exhaustion.

Just a few photos to update you.

Havanese Pups Getting So-o-o-o-o Big

Because Phoebe had six puppies instead of eight, they are all much larger and stronger. Already they are sleeping for long periods…twenty minutes or so…between nursing. The smallest puppy in the litter was bigger than the largest one in the last.

I am calling them my Happy Holidays Litter and will select names along this theme. So far I like Carney’s Bells are Jingling, Carney’s Jolly Holly and Carney’s Joy to the World. If you have any suggestions let me know.