Luna’s Pups are 2 weeks old!

Olaf (from movie “Frozen” is a pretty red sable and white. He will look a lot like his mama. He was the second puppy to arrive and is at the top of the scale for this litter at 481 grams!

This is Baloo (from Princess and the Pea). He has beautiful markings…mostly white with black accents. He weighs 436 grams.

Last but certainly not least is Moana, Luna’s only girl. From the Disney movie of the same name, Moana is a little one (but that’s likely to change) at 380 grams. I love her balanced markings!

This is Mickey (Mouse)! He was the first born and is pretty much half black and half white. He weighs 438 grams.

Luna’s Puppies were born two weeks ago. I am continuing with my theme of Disney names. Puppies are plump, active and sweet as can be!

I love puppy ears! This is Olaf.

Top to bottom we have Baloo, Mickey, Olaf and Moana.

Baloo and Mickey telling secrets!

Meet Our Disney Characters! These are Tango and Woody’s Pups

This is Kristoff. You can see his eyes are beginning to open. Born fourht, he is all white but has a significant amount of pale red emerging. He weighs 380 grams.

This is TinkerBell. She was born first and is a little spitfire! She is mostly red with white on her paws and a little white blaze on her face. She weighs 399 grams.

Tango’s puppies, top to bottom…Tiana,Olaf,TinkerBell,Kristoff and Eric. I love their plump little bellies. Tango is a great Mom.


I am calling this little girl Tiana. Again she is mostly red with more white on her face and paws than TinkerBell. She also has a bit of a black mask. Tiana was born second and, at 414 grams, is currently the biggest pup. That is likely to change.

This is Eric, our little red boy. He has beautiful black markings on his face and tail as well as a nice white blaze and white on his paws. He weighs 398 grams and was third born.

Last but certainly not least is Naveen from the Disney movie Princess and the Pea. He is a beautiful red parti with some black on his face. (Nice for concealing tear stains!) He has a lot of white on his legs and a beautiful white blaze. Naveen weighs 380 grams and was the fourth born.

Back to Eric just to show you how his little peepers are beginning to open as well. Won’t be long now before a whole new world opens to them!

Tango’s puppies are two weeks old today! Since besides its beautiful beaches Florida is known for Disney World, I decided on Disney characters for their names.


Puppies are Coming!

We are very excited about the late March arrival of two litters of puppies. (They always seem to come in batches!) We bred Tango to a very handsome boy named Woody who is also red and white but has way more red than Tango. And we bred Luna to Nelson who we have used in the past and had wonderful results (3 champions!)

This is Woody, GCH Nirvana Sardi You Had Me From Hello

This is Nelson, GCH CH Heartland’s Equality for All.

This is Tango, GCH CH Los Perritos Dancing in Carneys Garden. She is with her handler, Christy Collins, the day she won her championship.     Tango went on to win her Grand Championship just 6 weeks later!


This is Luna. CGH CH Carney’s Luminescent Moonflower, and me!