Good Vet Report for Tango’s Pups

Tango’s pups went to the vet yesterday. Meri’s go today. Great reports on all!

Everyone got their microchips and their first shots which they were not happy about.

Then they came home and played with a bunch of packaging from Amazon before crashing for the night!

Needless to say they all slept well.



And Now for Candids



Pearl likes her shoelaces




Sable and Sandy

It took over an hour to tire the pups up today. They love the open expanse of my bedroom, especially the “cave” under my bed. I put out a bunch of toys and they play and play while I clean and clean!

The good news is, I was able to finally get some good stills.

And a bunch of these were taken by one of my families when they came to visit. Thankyou Denise and Larry!

Cole and Pearl

Sandy, all tuckered out!




Lavender with her killer eyes!

Sweet Onyx

Sleepy Onyx



Sandy and Lavender



And, oh so tired!


Our “Fun at the Beach” Litter

This is Shades. He is a dark sable with some cream on his chest. A very mellow fellow!

This is Diver. He is black with a bit of white on his two front paws, more white on the back ones and a white goatee which you can barely see.

Fern’s puppies are growing like crazy! Their eyes are almost open. And they are moving around, making sweet puppy growls and tussling with each other. Here are their photos with their names…that my grandson suggested!                                             

Shades again.

Here you can see one of Diver’s white back paws.

This is Sandy. He is lighter than it shows in the photo. He has white on his front paws and a white chest.


Sweet Sandy.

And this is Flip-Flop. The only girl and the biggest of the bunch though that is likely to change. You can see her pink nose is beginning to darken and her eyes are almost open.