Getting Started With Good Grooming Habits

As soon as your Havanese puppy is three or four weeks old, start him off on the right foot–or left foot–by learning to accept your gentle massaging of his toes, his ears and his mouth. Lift his lips and look at his teeth. Lift his ears and look inside them. Stroke his hind quarters, his chest and his forehead with a small, soft brush, all the while giving him soothing talk and treats so he is accustomed to being handled.

You might also ask a friend to do the same so your puppy is used to strangers. All these motions will help your puppy be more relaxed at the veterinarians or on a show table with the judge.

It is a good idea to bathe your Havanese puppy weekly once he is six weeks old to get him used to the tub, the gently scrubbing and the rinsing. Hug him with the towel and give him lots of kisses so he associates this part of his day with lots of love.

Another important part of the grooming process is a pedicure. Good breeders will start clipping the puppy’s nails when it is a couple weeks old. Much easier on mom when the puppy is nursing and it also gets him used to the clippers. There are automatic, battery operated ones on the market too for owners who are skittish about clipping too close to the quick. Have a bar of soap handy. If you too clip too close, scrape a bit of soap on the nail to stop the bleeding.

Remember, if you enjoy this part of your puppy’s care he will too!

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