It’s A Tough Job But….

Thought I’d share a few photos. Puppies are learning to pee on the piddle pad. Not too difficult. I just put it in the corner of their box where they already relieve themselves. Hopefully they will get the picture and continue to use the pad when they are in their x-pen.

They are still sleeping most of the day but when they are awake they are playing with their litter mates. It is so cute to see them challenging each other with their play growls then tipping over sideways before converting the growl into play bites. They always sleep in a huge pile which I find endearing and Phoebe is still quite protective of them when the big girls come around.

Puppy Breath has to be the best!   Or, maybe it’s Puppy Kisses!

Puppies sleeping after a busy morning nursing and socializing.We call this pose the Buddha Belly.

Meora meets a puppy and Phoebe gets a well deserved hug.

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