Phoebe has Babies!

I have been a bit remiss and I apologize but we have been very busy. Wednesday morning I took Phoebe to my vet where they would keep a watchful eye on her while I participated in an event that took me out of the house for two days. Because we thought she was so late in her pregnancy I had actually decided Thursday morning to leave her at my vet until she had her puppies. But my dear daughter had a free afternoon and decided it would be in Phoebe’s best interest to bring her back to my house where she could deliver in the comfort of familiar surroundings. I called my vet to get her take on this and she said Phoebe was showing many signs of getting ready to whelp and would likely have her pups that afternoon or by Friday morning for sure but she saw no reason why we couldn’t bring her home. So, Jenny did and about twenty minutes after I got back to my house Phoebe delivered a beautiful black parti girl! 

After that, Phoebe proceeded to give us five more girls and two boys. Eight pups, healthy and hearty!

She is a mess in this photo but look at the smile on her face. We have a wonderful rainbow of colors…two brown and white, four black and white and two of the girls are pure white! Can’t wait to see how they turn out. We have never had a solid puppy so this will be something different.

Meanwhile, we are still bottle feeding the two preemies from Maxi’s litter but they are gaining very nicely. Aren’t they darling?

And, finally, a shot of Maxi’s wonderful litter…getting so big already.


  1. What a team Jenny and Jacqui! And two very happy looking mamma dogs. I am enjoying following the blog and seeing these boys and gals grow before our very eyes.

  2. Just so you know 😉 😉 — we wait for these updates. They are fabulous and informative. Hope everyone, canine and human are doing well with this heeeat!

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