Puppy Culture

So, this week begins our puppies’ critical socialization period of their lives. If you look up “Puppy Culture” you will see some of the protocols I will be following with them for the rest of the time they are in my care. Because this critical period extends from three to twelve weeks, part of the socialization will fall into my families’ responsibility. And, fear not, I will guide you along the way.

According to Puppy Culture, this is the ONLY time in our puppies’ lives when natural socialization will occur. After that, socialization will involve much more effort in the way of training, conditioning and confidence building.

My goal is to send my puppies off to their new homes with a firm foothold in this world. A world they will greet each morning with confidence, joy and excitement.

A few days ago I created some play areas in each litters’ pen. In a week or so, the puppies will start on solid (actually liquid) foods. At that point I will put them together in one pen…assuming the moms are ok with that! Right now the moms are much more comfortable with each other and with the other adults when they wander into my bedroom. So I think the transition will go well!

This is a play station I built out of PVC, plastic chain and an assortment of toys, chewies and plastic kitchen tools. Just making their way through the assemblage will stimulate the puppies and give them a new experience!

This is a play toy built for human infants that I love for puppy pens. Again, new stimulation…this time for Tango’s pups…and a washable surface!




  1. Pamela Thomas

    I live in Florida and am interested in adopting a puppy sometime in 2020 or 2021. I’ve become most interested in breeders using the Puppy Culture program and I also need a hypoallergenic breed due to my dust mite allergies. Would you please share some information about the Havanese breed and the particular dogs you are breeding? Would you also tell me the best thing about having a Havanese in your home and the worst thing also? Do you find them easy or difficult to train?

    My experience with small dogs has been a Shih Tzu, a toy and mini poodle but I don’t currently have any pets. I’m 62, retired and live alone.

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