Ten Days in Review

I cannot believe twelve days have flown by since my last post. Here’s what has kept me so busy!

Friday, May 7: Puppies are twenty-four days old. It is a non-day for me as I had an unpleasant out-patient health exam. No details necessary except to say I received a clean bill of health. Had puppy breath to enjoy when I got home!

Saturday, May 8: Puppies received their second pedicure. Some of them are not happy. Hopefully this exercise will not only prevent scratches on Phoebe’s belly but will acclimate the pups to having their toes handled.

Sunday, May 9: Puppies have their first licks of warm goat’s milk. They love it and lick the bowl clean in minutes. They are rollicking with each other and doing this little crab back-up thing…like someone threw the gear shift suddenly into reverse.

Wednesday, May 12: I’ve started to wean the puppies. Mixed some canned puppy food–Wellness brand–in with the warm goat’s milk. Took them all of half a minute to realize how much they liked it. Reminded me of Mikey in that 1970’s commercial for a breakfast cereal. He likes it! The only ones who don’t are the two little ones who have always been at the lowest end of the weight scale. I’m guessing their tummies just aren’t ready and give them each warm goat’s milk in the bottle.

Thursday, May 13: Cut Phoebe’s food back to three meals a day. That and whatever she cleans up once the puppies have finished eating.

 Friday, May 14: I am so worried about our littlest one. He is not taking any solids still and won’t take the goat’s milk either. I take him out of the pen for a private meal with his mom which works.
Saturday, May 15: The littlest girl starts to nibble at the warmed milk and puppy food. The boy is still nursing Phoebe to supplement. He did lick at some of the milk in the dish. Thank heaven!

Sunday, May 16: Phoebe is almost finished nursing. Once a day just to relieve the pressure. Puppies are getting four meals a day and all are eating well. Woo hoo!!!

Monday, May 17: Photo session this week with puppies in their show stances. Maybe we’ll even play outside in the grass if the weather is nice. Stay tuned!

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