And Now We Are So Big

Our Havanese pups are 4 1/2 weeks old now and enjoying the Florida sunshine.

So, from left to right we have Puppy #3, Puppy #2 and Puppy #1…all girls!

Their first day on the grass they huddled for about a minute and then ventured out. Puppy #3 is on top of the heap. Puppy #1 has her back to the camera and Puppy #2 is in the front.

Puppy #3 is all confidence here.

Puppy #2 exploring. She has lots of tan coming out in her paws.

Puppy #1 is the one with the most tan and a shorter coat…so far.

Puppy #3 and #1 squaring off!

Puppy #3 has no tan…just black with white markings. You can see white on her chest here.

Puppy #3 also has wonderful white paws.

We Are Getting Bigger!

Sorry about not posting lately. I had an eye injury that makes it difficult to take photos. I’m hoping for more photos later this week but here are a few for now. The puppies are playing with each other now, puppy growling and making all kinds of other fun sounds. Love this stage!

They are not as interested in mush kibble as Maxi’s litter. I think they are quite content with all the nice warm milk Marli is providing. With 8 pups, Maxi did not have as much milk to go around. Interesting!

Sweet as Sugar

I just love these puppies. Their coloring and markings are wonderful. Two keep getting more and more tan on their legs. Interesting. Here are some “selfies” we took yesterday. I’m uploading some videos too which should be ready later today.