First Vet Visit

Marli’s puppies had their vet exams today and all got and A+!

All of them are very close in size with Delilah weighing 2.4 pounds and both Daffy and Dillon weighing 2.2 pounds. Since they are almost 8 weeks old we can kind of predict their adult weights to within about a 15% degree of accuracy. The norm is to double and then double again their 8 week old weights. So that would make Delilah about 9-10 pounds; and, Daffy and Dillon about 8-9 pounds as adults. I will be curious to know how this pans out. Marli weighs 8 pounds and Ruger (the sire) weighs about 10 pounds. Most males are larger than the females. Basically, no real

surprises here.

I am posting photos of the puppies as of today. They are turning out to be a very handsome group. Because there is a slight chance Dillon is a satin-coated Havanese, I have sent blood work into a DNA lab verify whether she is or whether she just has a very flat, silky coat that is slow to develop.

Potter, our 4 month old, with Dillon

Daffy, short for Daffodil, has a sweet smile.

Dillon, with Potter, searching the bushes for lizards.
Delilah on a mission
Here’s Dillon again

Little Dillon has wonderful coloring.

Mother Marli on the hunt for the wild and mysterious anoles (lizards)

Potter, Zola (now Oreo), and Daffy not quite ready to share the toy!

This is Zola (now Oreo) who is going to her forever hom

Delilay (left), Dillon (middle) and Oreo

The Results Are In!

My friend Linda assisted me in assessing the temperaments/ personalities of Marli’s puppies and they are closer in most respects than I thought. All three have socialized nicely. It helps to have them exposed to lots of dogs at various ages as well as lots of different people and children.

Dillon went first. Over the past several weeks she has gone from being the “leader of the pack” to one that kind of held back and now to a wonderfully adjusted, yet lower keyed, than the other two.

She scored three 2’s, three 3’s and a 4 on the sound sensitivity. In other words, she is a confident and outgoing puppy that will respond well to human companionship but might require a more consistent hand in training.

Delilah was next. She scored four 3’s and three 4’s, making her slightly more social but not enough to make much of a difference. She also has displayed a more outgoing character than Dillon, but again, not anything close to what I would call wild.

Daffodil was kind of all over the map, scoring two 3’s, two 4’s, a 2 for Following, a 6 for Dominance, and a 1 for Sight Sensitivity. Of the three she is definitely the most energetic and outgoing. So, while she will make a fine pet she might not be the snuggle bug some are looking for.

So, none of the pups display overly excited behaviors. They play well and seem to take turns being “boss.”

If you’d like to read more about the Volhard Test, go to the February 19, 2014 posts.

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Playing with the adult Havanese and Alex…So Much fun

I had my family here all last week which is my excuse for not posting! LOL
Anyway, it certainly did not mean the pups were being ignored. Alex and Michael played with them every day. Here are some shots of Alex, Marli’s pups and all the other dogs playing in the yard. Enjoy!

 Also, please forgive me for adding a few of our newest boy…Potter. Isn’t he special!

And Now We Have Names

Dillon has a slightly different coat than her sisters…flatter and less curly. And, she has her mama’s face. Here are some closeups of her. As for personality she is a bit less outgoing but loves to play.

Puppy #2 we’ve named Daffodil…Daffy for short. She is a bit on the wilder side. Has some tan markings…but not as much as Dillon. And she has a fuller, wavier coat.

And, Puppy #3 is now Delilah. Right now she is the most outgoing of all. In fact we had trouble getting a still shot of her. These are the best of what we got. She is mostly black with white markings.